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Thread: Books I Read This Summer

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    These are great suggestions. The Camino is on my bucket list. I appreciate the recommended reading. Thanks for bringing up an old thread. I have a long list of uncompleted books, and only one that I've completed in recent memory. If you are a writer or are tempted to try being one, it is called from 2,000 to 10,000 how to increase your daily word counts. I picked up a ton of useful tips I unfortunately haven't been able to employ yet. But one day... (there's another bucket list item for ya )
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    I'll just follow up and say that I just finished "Inside the Peloton" by Nicolas Roche. If you are a big professional cycling fan, it was a really enjoyable read. About 1/2 the book is adapted from a daily Tour de France diary he wrote for an Irish newspaper, so they are little snippets of his day, what happened, his frustrations. I like "Nico" even more after reading the book, and there are some interesting insights into diet, training, life in the peloton, etc.

    One funny anecdote I'll share is that, even during the Tour de France, Lance Armstrong was still shilling for Honey Stinger Waffles to the other riders! (And I'll confess that of all the "bike food" out there, as my husband calls it, Honey Stinger Waffles are definitely my favorite.)

    What else have we been reading? Bike or non-bike related?

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    I'm bumping this thread with this book: What Makes Olga Run?: The Mystery of the 90-Something Track Star and What She Can Teach Us About Living Longer, Happier Lives by Bruce Grierson. This remarkable woman has set world records in track and field in the 90+ category. She didn't take up track until she was in her 70's! The best takeaway I got from this book is that it's 1) never too late to start exercising 2) excercise goes a long way in keeping the body young.

    She was profiled a while back in the Science section of the New York Times -

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    I loved Wheelmen. It was an amazing account of Lance's rise to fame and doping in the TDF.

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    A Tale of Two Cities

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    "I write ti escape, to ecape poverty"

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    American Gods by Neil Gaiman. The book always had the potential to be a good TV series. In the series it looks like they are adding more characters to the story.

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    Now, one of my favourite books is called "Blindness" and I believe it's been translated from another language. Very very good.

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