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    Has anyone had any experience of the new Livestrong bike from Tomahawk/Matrix Fitness?

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    Here is a link to a previous discussion:
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    Just rode one this morning, as a matter of fact. We're demoing new bikes, last week was a Schwinn, this week the Livestrong.

    It's very sharp looking. Didn't like the drop handlebars, that felt very awkward. It does have 4 adjustments, the handlebars go forward and back. The handlebar and seat forward/back adjustments have levers, not knobs, and I think the levers will be prone to breakage from being forced in either direction.

    Saddle will not make the indoor folks very happy, it's much more like an outdoor saddle. Pedaling was very smooth. The brake issue mentioned in another thread was something that jumped out at me as well.

    I'll ride it again tonight and let you know any other thoughts.


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    My work just purchased the Livestrong Bikes for the fitness center. I've been teaching on them two days now. The other place I teach has Spinning Brand bikes which are more stable/heavier. I've been teaching for 2 years and I think these will be just fine. The resistance knobs are sensitive- don't have to turn much. I kind of like the added positions on the handlebars. Class members can choose what they like for comfort. I was skeptical at first but they seem okay. Maybe I'll post back after a few weeks.

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    These bikes have proven to be the best quality compared with others I've tried in a couple years of Spin instruction.

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    We've had these bikes for almost a year and they've held up pretty well. Some of the knobs had to be replaced due to wear. The cycling computers have been great.

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    my gym just got a few new live strong bikes and i'm enjoying them so far....does anyone use the computer in class?

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    My experience at NYSC - they are not even close to the original spinners

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