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Tomahawk Indoor Cycling and Reebok Fitness Equipment ltd are pleased to announce
the unification of their brands for the UK’s Indoor Cycling market.

Since the successful launch of the Reebok Tomahawk cycle in the USA, both brands have agreed to extend their relationship to other markets.

New for 2005/2006, Tomahawk RBK will be launching a spectacular fleet of cycles at LIW.

Gary Warren, Managing Director of Tomahawk says “both the new fleet and our collaboration with Reebok are gigantic and essential developments for Tomahawk in the UK. Our relationship with Reebok allows us to provide quality assurances to both the buyer and ultimately the consumer. Reebok is a monumental consumer sports brand; coupled with our extensive knowledge of Indoor Cycling products, concepts and educations, we now have a vast amount to offer operators, educators and consumers”

Tomahawk RBK are poised to release the E, S and X series from September onwards. With preorders already received this new offering looks set to make its mark on the UK market.

Chris Hancock, director of RFE explains “We are encouraged by both the people and the product at Tomahawk. They provide premium solutions to both product and software such as the globally recognized I.C.E education program. This alliance allows both brands to continue the momentum Indoor Cycling has gained over the years by supporting operators with premier products and importantly strong consumer perception’

This addition to the Reebok studio line means that operators can now receive wall to wall studio packages. Teamed with Escape Fitness, the ‘Reebok Studio Concept’ is the only singular brand that can provide total product solutions to group fitness operators.

For more information or to receive a VIP pass to the LIW product launch, please phone Tomahawk RBK on 020 8544 2600 or email at Tomahawk.rbk@indoorcycling.com