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Thread: Comparing Indoor Cycles

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    I have ridden both plus added the Schwinn Mpower Bike. I really like the 3 of them they have very good points But here is how I am gonna lay it out with the big three on the big three. all in order of placement...


    Safety and injury prevention


    Performance goes to
    1) Cyclops
    2) Schwinn
    3) Keiser

    Safety and Injury Prevention goes to

    1) Schwinn
    2) Cyclops
    3) Keiser

    Comfort Goes to

    1) Schwinn
    2) Cyclops
    3) Keiser

    Really Love all these bikes and especially over their "Blind Mouse" counterparts. I could go into ease of meter usage, Mechanical stability and continuity and many more topics but that is gonna take some more research and miles averaged
    Pedal Power every hour....

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    I have been maintaining our Y's Keiser M3s for 3 years now. At the beginning 12 bikes, now 16. In 3 years I have replaced 5 saddles, one cyclometer, one shift cable and two pedal sets. Last year we had one bike's cyclometer batteries go kaput so I replaced the batteries on all 12 at the same time. That's it! I maintain "traditional" bikes at a different club and about 3x per year have to buff/replace brake pads and about 1x per year check/adjust the chains, plus saddles, plus pedal sets. Two years ago I figured out how to calibrate our fleet of M3s and did so. The goal being to make them all have the same "feel". Last year I checked again and had to dial back in (slightly) 3 bikes. My annual calibration check is next month, prior to the start of Cycle Camp, our power based, registered, 4-month cycling training program. Our goal is to make sure any athlete can hop on any bike and have the same experience.

    I have only seen and sat on a Cycleops in a showroom. The one I was on was chain drive and used brake pads to control resistance. Seeing these two design aspects means, to me anyway, maintenance down the road.

    I have no experience with the Schwinn.

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    Quote Originally Posted by elsaltamontes View Post
    The pro's are the people who need power the least.
    Actually, probably the reverse is true.

    The average IDC rider is just there to have a good sweat session, feel like they've done some good cardio and enjoyed a good ride. Many aren't even interested in HRMs, much less power meters.

    The pro is likely to have far more interest in the science of sport, how to make tiny efficiency gains, and to maximise their training time. They probably could do without the music and maybe don't even care whether an instructor is present.

    Even if you disagree, novices will always make huge gains by the addition of a power meter. The pro may only make marginal gains but for athletes they are margins between gold medals and a lifetime of anonimity.
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    Default I bought the 200 PRO

    I bought the Cycleops 200 PRO

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