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Thread: CycleOps Power Indoor Cycling Certification

  1. Default CycleOps Power Indoor Cycling Certification


    Featuring Danielle Foster
    CycleOps Power Master Training Specialist


    Sunday, April 18, 2010, 9:15am–6:15pm

    Redefine cycling and become a CycleOps Power Indoor Cycling Instructor! CycleOps Power Training System is the ONLY indoor cycling program that takes the proven formula for success in the outdoor world and brings it into the indoor cycling realm. Utilizing the CycleOps Club Pro 300PT Indoor Cycle plus the CycleOps PowerAgent Software, this comprehensive education program is a true professional development opportunity for any coach, indoor cycling instructor or simply anyone looking to learn more about training with a power meter. You’ll ride the only power measuring indoor cycle on the market that looks, feels, adjusts and performs like a bike, equipped with a PowerTap and bike computer console. The console serves as a rolling laboratory, continually displaying, recording and storing data on watts, cadence, energy expenditure, heart rate and time. Led by an elite CycleOps Power Master Training Specialist, this training will include—but is not limited to:
    • The power training theories of Allen Lim, PhD, Radio Shack Cycling Team Physiologist
    • Physiology and the principles of training
    • Relationship between stimulus (power) and response (heart rate)
    • Proper bike-fit and cycling biomechanics
    • Cycling simulations, riding positions, proper form and technique
    • Class/ride design and safety considerations
    • How to develop and host power based rides
    • Training for weight loss, fitness and performance
    • Earn an extra income with personal training, performance assessments and post-ride analysis consulting
    • Use for metabolic assessments
    • Be on the forefront of indoor cycle training by becoming a certified CycleOps Power Indoor Cycling Instructor to coach the most comprehensive programs ever developed
    • Earn ACE, AFAA, USA Triathlon & USA Cycling continuing educations credits

    The CycleOps Power Training System offers the tools you need to win; both in the race and in life.

    The Natatorium
    2345 Fourth Street, Cuyahoga Falls, OH 44221

    Inquiries: Contact Jocelyn Vande Velde @ 608.729.6189

    Hurry…space is limited!
    Visit our website at to register on-line

    $299.99 per person (this includes the manual & exam)

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    This opportunity is a triple bonus:
    1. Learn about training with power from the folks who wrote the book.
    2. Do it at the Natatorium, an amazing facility that will blow you away
    3. Danielle Foster

    Need I say more?
    Pain is inevitable, suffering is optional

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    Any new training coming up??

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    Wow, too bad I didn't see this about 6 weeks ago! Even within driving distance! Is this something that may come up again?

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    Jack- I work with Danielle and I am sure she will be teaching it again, are you still interested?

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    When is the next certification and what is the cost (and any other details please)....

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    I'm signed up for their power training class (same location) that is being held October 29th. It looks to be a great class, and I'm really looking forward to it. They just sent me the training manual and it looks to be very comprehensive. I'm trying to talk one of my cycling buddies into going too. Their appears to still be plenty of room for more riders.

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