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    Just cruising around the saris site and noticed some small but significant changes for their IDC bikes. All models now have a knob for resistance changes located on the down tube instead of the grip shift which seemed like it would be hard to use with sweaty hands. Good idea but poor execution.

    But, the really exciting change is they are now FREEWHEEL!!!!!!! No more fixed gear. Any indoor bike that is freewheel would greatly alleviate so many crazy drills, contraindicated exercises and allow riders to find appropriate resistance. It may even actually make a few "questionable" drills safer. I hope other companies follow their lead.

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    This is just a guess, but I don't think Saris makes Powertaps for track bikes anymore, so sticking with the fixie Powertap on just the indoor bike would have made it a pain to manufacture and stock. Putting a freewheel powertap on an indoor bike keeps things simpler from a manufacturing standpoint.

    Not sure that it matters, though. There's really no difference between a freewheel bike (with the clutch engaged and not freewheeling) and a fixie at meaningful power levels.

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