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Thread: How do your members sign in for Spin?

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    We use a ticket system - I work in corporate fitness and we had to discontinue the old way (simply first-come, first serve) because people were coming in early in the day, placing a water bottle and towel on a bike to save it, then getting caught up at work. The class would appear full, then people would miss out an a bike, while bikes with water bottles would remain unoccupied! The repeat offenders would amaze me - you would think they would feel bad doing that, but no. So now the tickets are available 10 min before class - not enough time for anyone to go back to work after grabbing a ticket.

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    We have laminated passes with "indoor Cycling" followed by a number (1-24), corresponding to the number of bikes in the room. Students can pick up a pass 30 minutes before class, with only one pass given per individual. Students then place the pass in front of their bikes to show that they did indeed get one. The numbers on the passes also allow us to know how many bikes have been signed up for at any time, also making it handy to fill out our report at the end of the class.

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    Our riders receive a ticket at the front desk when they check in.


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    All this info on bikes is so helpful! I have worked at several clubs with different "systems" and, at the end of the day, you can't please everyone! I will be helping a new club get the IC program up and running and I like the idea of having a certain number of bikes that can be reserved and a few bikes for drop-ins - first come, first serve.

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    great!1 thanks so very much

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    Cycling cards are handed out at front desk, first come first serve. They are available 1/2 hour before class.

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    Sign in at the front desk... on the day of class.

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    At my club, you can sign-up online or call. You may sign-up as soon as classes are posted.

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    At my gym members can sign up for a class 30 min. before it begins.

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    We call in over the phone the day of class at the gym I attend.

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    Sign in sheet at front desk for the 5:45Am classes. for the later classes, you have to get in line 15 minutes prior to class to "sign-in" at the front desk. They will not let you sign in prior to that. I'm not sure why, probably due to people who arrive to the gym solely for the class and don't work out prior as some others do. It gives everybody equal opportunity to join the class I suppose.

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