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    We just replaced our spin bikes with Realryders. Any advice on cueing the riders with banking would be greatly appreciated.

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    Did you ever receive any responses? How do you cue on the Realryder?

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    push look lean!

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    The new fall session starts in two weeks at one of the facilities that I teach at. The program coordinator has just informed the cycle instructors that 10 Real Ryder bikes have been added to the classroom. The other 25 bikes are the older Spinning brand bikes retrofitted with the monitors (RPM, trip meter, and timer). I'll be trying out the Real Ryders this week on my own. It appears the Real Ryders do not have computer monitors. Any suggestions for how I should be cueing for two different types of bikes in class? I'm hoping the instructor's bike continues to be the Spinning bike with the monitor otherwise I'm not sure I can go back to the "old way" of teaching without a monitor. Any advice would be most appreciated.

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    A scenario that I would love to hear people's thoughts on...25 spinning bikes (with dial resistance and computer monitor) and 7 Real Ryder bikes (no computer monitor) in one fitness room. Should the lead instructor bike be the spinning bike or the real ryder bike? Should the instructor cue to the 25 spinning riders (e.g., using RPM, etc.) or to the 7 RR riders (e.g., counting out leg pace)? Or, should the instructor cue to both the 25 spinning riders and 7 RR riders at once by giving instructions for RPM and also counting out leg pace? Leg pace is just one example of two types of cueing that would need to take place.

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