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Thread: Safe & Safeability vs Speed & Pain

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    Question Safe & Safeability vs Speed & Pain

    I was thinking today(no jokes,please) about a remote but possible scenario.This is totally hypothetical.

    For those of you who taught indoor cycling before getting certification,would you ever teach a class along the lines that you used to teach?

    What I mean by this is this...

    SCENARIO 1:Imagine your class figures were dropping beyond understanding and participants came to you and said they really don't enjoy the teaching style anymore,would you teach like you used to,,light sprints,upper body movements etc. etc.

    SCENARIO 2:Somebody else who teaches at your club (but taught "in-house") arranges a huge class for charity and asks you to be the main instructor but you have to teach the same as everyone else,what would you do?

    I just had the thought earlier that it would be "fun" to have a retro/old skool session just for old times sake.I've been battling with the question all day,adrenaline versus common sense & the want to not pass out/injure myself.

    At the moment,the latter is winning.

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    I never taught without being certified but I will confess that I wasn't sure I was cut out to teach Spin UNTIL I got certified. Then I knew I could do it.
    Scenario 1 - Ask yourself why you changed your teaching style to begin with. That should answer your question either way. If you decide to stick to your current teaching, this might be the best time to recruit new riders that will stick with you when the "other" ones might be nursing their injuries/burnout/overtrained bodies. Don't get me wrong, lots of people like to work out hard but it's not for everybody.
    Scenario 2 - If I was teaching, I'd do it my way. If I was riding next to someone who started teaching crazy things, I'd walk around and fill up some water bottles or go to the restroom.
    Don't you think there can be adrenalin AND common sense at the same time? You make it sound like anybody that chooses "safety" is boring.
    When you are in a special class, who DOESN'T want a party and a high heart rate?
    IMHO I say you can do both! I'm sure if you ask, many folks here will give you ideas how. . .
    Have Fun!

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    I would have to say that I am one to do my own (good, safe) thing if I go to a class with unsafe movement, etc. I came from your school Rick, fast light, upperbody, balance, no hands, etc and after being a part of boards like this and others, changed my ways and I have developed training (workshops) to teach others (where this is little training available) to ride safe and to have a good time doing it.

    Being the coordinator, I would probably put out the agenda for the fun ride and it would only include safe riding drills,etc.

    I know the "other" stuff is fun and the members really do like it (some), but weighing the pros and cons, I would continue to promote my safe riding and programming!!!!!!!!!!

    good thread,

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    Luckily, I never taught the "old" way...I'm fairly new and found this board as soon as I got certified, or shortly thereafter. I remember taking classes though with pushups, popcorn jumps, etc. and I'd say no way. I remember dying in those classes, nevermind wondering what we were doing and why on a bike. As for the isolation thingies, I'm one of those people who it always hurt my knees so I never taught it, even before I knew it was contraindicated.

    As for high heart rates, a good old surge on a hill does it just fine for me. And as for the fun part, team stuff is always a blast. People like to be competitive, even though they aren't going anywhere.

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    I'm with you guys in teaching with safety. I've yet to have someone tell me that my classes are 'boring'. I did have one participant tell me that an instructor spins backwards, and I asked the person if the instructor gave a reason for it - I was told "for a change". The person then asked me if I would do it - I answered honestly by saying NO, as it's not something that one would do on a regular bike. No more was said, and that person still participates in my classes.

    Also, I find that my participants like steady, meaning no popcorn jumps as they can't have control of themselves or the bike correctly - never tried them myself as I don't see the point.

    I'm also fairly new as an instructor, and I guess been lucky as a participant not to have any instructors perform contraindicated moves.

    To me, if they want push ups, then go do them in the gym. My class is cycling.
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    Default kind of a different aproach to what I use to do

    I cringe when I think of the way I use to coach my classes. I was so in it for me- like I can get paid to do this, I can get my own work out in, I can make an impression on people blah blah blah. What I wanted was actually starting to turn off everyone in the room-but what I didn't realize was that when you want to really get smart about what you are preaching and keeping people interested in hearing "what you got going on" -you got to let go of yourself and start paying attention to the people in your classes.
    Do things that mean a difference to them like getting to know them by their first name (which isn't easy) and then find out what they really want from your classes. Maybe even what they did over the weekend.These things become the bridges to the full rooms that we want to see and coach to. When you stop worring about you, the other things that you wanted in the first place will happen but then you don't want them because they take away from your focus which is- trying to get Sara Jordash to get those jeans to fit and Jamey Armstrong to make a dent in the competition in the next race or even help Joe Camel come back from that 2 pack a day habbit that he had and breath easier. I found out through meeting and greeting so many people in the industry that educating yourself for the benifit to your classes is your real benifit. so stop wondering- you are on the trail of the incredibly insane and under paid coaches.

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