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    I am thinking of getting a nutrition certification. Does anyone have any experience with a nutrition certification program that you would recommend? Thanks!

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    I earned my Nutrition & Wellness Consultant certification from AFPA (American Fitness Professionals and Associates) as a home study. It was tough but well worth the money. Check it out at Good luck with whatever course you choose.

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    I'm looking at The American Academy of Sports Dietitians and Nutritionists because the CEU's would go towards my PT recert.

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    I had been looking for something like this but could not find it at any of my local colleges. This looks very interesting to me. I'd love to know if anyone has this certification and how they are using it.

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    I know this is a very old thread. But I did my search based on AFPA. I wondered what other certifications you have with them as I am certified with them and have Group Fitness, Cardio Kickbox & Spin. I appreciate the self study but miss face to face interaction. Seeing as how I'm a military spouse in Japan face to face isn't always an option. I really want to get their Master Personal Trainer cert and wondered if it was worth it. Any input or experience?

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    I went through ISSA and completed my certification in Fitness Nutrition. Found it beneficial for multiple reasons and would definitely recommend it.

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    Since some time has passed since you recieved the PN certification, has it helped your marketability? I’ve been reading and researching different nutrition cert options and PN is the one that really caught my eye. I’ve been considering signing up for the next class but I’m hesitant to pay out that much money for a certification that I may not use very often.

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