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Thread: LeMond bikes

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    Default LeMond bikes

    I just started teaching at a gym that uses LeMond bikes. I don't really like them so far, because the handle bars are these huge things. It just seems strange to me - the whole bike seems kind of big and excessive. Tell me some good features about the LeMond indoor cycling bikes, so that I can be more happy while teaching!

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    Default The big ride

    Cindy, I teach the majority of my classes at a club with Startrek/JG spinners and I teach 1 class at a ymca that has these LeMond bikes. I completely agree with you, they are bulky and I don't "prefer" them, but I am getting used to it. The handel bars are huge, I put them lower then anyone in the class, and I pretend like it is my aero bar. I also try to tell myself it is a more secure platform for my cheat sheet, stopwatch, metronome, or whatever crazy tool I may be using for that class. These are new bikes for this ymca and they are so excited about them and i don't want to squish that for them so I keep my mouth shut on that subject. Good Luck!

  3. Default lemond bikes

    uh, huge? As in what dimension are you refering to? I've ridden the Schwinn spinner? (black, i thnk older model) and found the bars to be large/thick in diameter compared to the Lemond bars. Being this was the first spin bike I ever used, I didn't mind. While I must admit I did have a period of adjustment to the Lemond from the Schwinn, I now feel that the Lemond is more comfortable overall than the Schwinn. Keep in mind, the Schwinn bike I'm refering to is the one with the peg/hole adjustments, not the infinitely adjustable sliding mechanism found on other bikes including the Lemond.

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    I just completed a small/short training on new Lemond bikes with the computerized pilot system on the bars. The bikes felt great and in my opinion I think the bars will help to give newer riders better form in standing positions. I also love the TT bars as I am a roadie.The computer was pretty neat. A new toy to play with, but it does give every rider their cadence. I know it is only my 1st experience with them but so far so good. The university UNM just started a studio cycling program with these bikes, so I'll keep you posted on how the participants like them.

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    I like the handle bars. I think they are more comfortable on the wrists because they have an angle and I agree with woodieknot that the handle bars are thinner than the schwinn which is too thick for my hands.

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    holidaeb Guest


    The club that I teach at most uses the LeMond Rev Masters, I must admit when I first started teaching on them I did not like it at all. In my past experiences as a class participant I rode the Schwinn's (not sure which model) and really liked them. I then purchased a StarTac spinner pro for my home use, which I absolutely LOVE! The ergonomic set up on the LeMond is so different compared to these bikes that I really did not feel like I was able to get an effective/safe work out. I personally feel that the angle of the handlebars is to much on the wrists when you are in a standing climb and have developed a lot of wrist tightness and popping. It is amazing how much better of a ride I have (mentally and physically) when I ride my StarTac. I really feel like I am out on the open road riding, it is a more realistic feeling ride to me. However, I have gotten used to the LeMond over the year and feel more comfortable riding on it. It is all what you are used to, and I am sure if I went to a LeMond training and learned their program I would probably really enjoy the bikes.

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    holidaeb Guest


    Oops, I meant Star Trac!

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    bikerchick2 Guest


    I like our LeMonds. I have also riden on ReeBok and Star Trec. You have to remember that not everyone who takes an indoor cycle class is an outdoor rider. I like the handlebars, because they give you alot of options for your hand placement. I find myself using the handlebars all over the place when I do different moves. I like 'em.

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    amberlc Guest


    We use the Lemond bikes. I find them very comfortable. I really like the newer ones better - with the loop handle bars. I find the participant don't have a tendency to put their hands on the very edges of the handle bars this way.

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    bikerchick2 Guest

    Thumbs up

    Quote Originally Posted by amberlc
    We use the Lemond bikes. I find them very comfortable. I really like the newer ones better - with the loop handle bars. I find the participant don't have a tendency to put their hands on the very edges of the handle bars this way.
    Me too! We have both at our facility and I LOVE the new handlebars. We have had some debate about letting them use the handlebars up at the top where they loop together. But I find it a great tool. You can move your hands all over the bars and find the perfect position for whatever you're doing with the rest of your body.

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    Velojunkie Guest

    Thumbs up Love The LeMond/Stairmaster Bikes!!

    In my 19+ years as an instructor, I've ridden just about every bike made and I think the Lemond's are the best.
    Infinite adjustability like real bikes, easy maintenance, super quiet, kevlar belt driven (no chain=no oil).
    The newer bars are also a benefit, as most students are new to cycling and are constantly searching for a different hand position. (an attempt to somehow ease the suffering, I believe)
    I liked this bike so much I bought two, one for myself and one for my wife.
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