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Thread: Top 3 TV addictions

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    I am totally captivated by True Detective right now. Matthew McConaughey's performance in Dallas Buyers Club was good, but it is nothing compared to his acting in this mini-series.

    I am, of course, totally addicted to any, and all cycling that I can get on TV. (Except cyclo-cross. i've tried, but I really don't get it.) I am looking forward to watching Milan-San Remo tonight ---trying to stay off news sites that might give away the winner!
    My husband and I watched half of the first episode. I just couldn't get into it. But now that Vince Vaughn has signed on, I really want to watch it. A few of my husband's coworkers have said that it's a must watch.

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    1. Sons of Anarchy
    2. the Blacklist
    3. Suits

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    Not much time for TV these days but I like having back ground noise while working. Favorite Streams for that are:
    Gilmore Girls

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    1. How to get away with Murder
    2. Blacklist
    3. Sleepy Hollow
    4. Lucifier

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    I am so obsessed with The Handmaid's Tale. The book upset me in high school and now the show's making me cry!

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    My 600 lb life
    forged in fire

    and I don't really watch a whole lot more than that! Maybe Teen Mom, lol!

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    I'm still a fan of Grey's Anatomy!

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    My top 3:
    1. Sons of Anarchy
    2. The Sopranos
    3. Banshee

    I think that Banshee is one of the most underrated shows ever. It's easily my second favourite addiction of all time. I wanna see it here now.
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    Top 3:
    1. This is Us
    2. Chopped
    3. Shark Tank

    "Just because I am a girl, don't mean that I can't play just as hard and just as fast as you boys."

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