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Thread: Opinions on Real Ryder please

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    I'm extremely lucky to be in a town where a studio exists that started off with just Real Ryder bikes. The bikes are amazing and challenging. Your core is engaged the whole time you are riding, which is an added bonus.

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    Here is my personal opinion from experience with bikes and being an indoor cycling instructor. I have been spinning since 1999 and have found myself maxing out on the challenge of a "regular" spin class/bike if you will. The Real Ryder bikes are a step up of challenge for me. They are my go-to workout to get something different. I think, because they are unique and not like other bikes. I definitely don't think they are a fad for the cycling commitment but more of another option. Good luck in your decision!

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    I agree that the Real Ryder is the Next Level!!! I've been an indoor cycling participant since 1995. The more I ride these bikes, the more I LOVE the experience.

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    Took a few classes hated it.

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    Quote Originally Posted by lnlerner View Post
    Took a few classes hated it.
    Could you quantify *a few*.....closer to 1 than 10, say?

    I had a real hard time the first few times on a RealRyder.......and that was my issue and not the bikes per se or the RealRyder programme. Not saying that I love 'em to death even now, mind, but opinion after *a few* might not be that valid.

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    Are there any profiles for real riders? Or am I looking right at it and not seeing it?

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    Love the RealRyder bikes. The movement of the bike, just while riding without leaning, reduces the shock on your body, especially through the neck and shoulders. My husband used to have terrible hip pain from riding on traditional bikes, but has zero pain now. We own the studio and ride at least 9 classes each week. At this point, standing a bike that does not move is most uncomfortable, especially the first few pedal strokes.

    We are also avid outdoor cyclist, if that makes a difference.

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    I have been approached by someone who is starting a studio and they really want to go with real ryder bikes and wanted my opinion. I have never even been on 1 yet but Im interested to get some opinions. I dont know if I like the idea of the swaying motion especially since I teach movement out of the saddle and not a traditional outdoor ride inside. I cant stand Spinner bikes but do instruct on them at 1 studio and 1 gym. I have noticed more studios opening with Keiser bikes (love that they are my fav) lately and all my clients complain about all other bikes other than keiser. They seem to love the keiser bikes but "hate the ones with the tuning knob" (I hear that daily)If you were opening a studio or had your choice would you choose Real Ryder bikes over any other and if so why?

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