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    Default Gyms changing

    So sorry about Bally's closing. In my area we have Gold's Gym, and Anytime Fitness. Anytime Fitness was month to month so Gold's went month to month. Gold's has taken away all of the classes it once offered to members. At the YMCA where I teach, the classes are doing well, and I hope it continues. I also see ads here, but Bally's is not in our area. Keep you chin up.

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    The Bally club where I have been teaching for over 4 years, which gave me my start in teaching, which has been in our town for over 20 years, and by other names for a decade before that, is finally closing. We did get a full week's notice before the end of classes so all the instructors could have one last class. I could see the end coming for over a year, with cutbacks in cleaning and maintenance (even removing paper towel dispensers from the locker rooms!), laying off the group ex directors at each club, cut after cut to the schedule, and cutting the cycling classes to 45 minutes (with only 75% of our former pay). After each of these cutbacks we received assurances from our GED (now in another state) that our club was now profitable and would stay open despite the bankruptcy. Of course I didn't really believe it.

    As I said earlier in this thread, Bally was at one time the chain of fitness clubs. There is a lesson here for all clubs, and for us as instructors, that no matter how well we think we are doing, we can never get too comfortable. We always have to assess the challenges we face and keep seeking out new opportunities.

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    so sorry to hear this Paul. Hope you have somewhere else to teach as well!

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    Paul, I'm really sorry to hear this. Sounds like your town is losing an old friend. Do you teach anywhere else? Are there other opportunities in your town? I am glad that they didn't just padlock the door, so that you will have the opportunity to say proper good-byes.
    “euphoric fitness – a state where every fiber of your being is awake, aware, alive but within it all, you find calm."

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    I teach at 3 other places, one of them is the best facility in the area. I've already seen many former Bally members at the other places as they could see the closing coming. I'll be on the sub list at closest Bally club, a 30-minute drive each way so not likely I'll be there often.

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    Hey Paul~

    Sorry about your Ballys closing ~ it's so hard to lose the comfort of home! Do you think the club that you spoke of subbing for will remain open? It's hard to imagine that there is enough life left in any Ballys with the Urban Active chain coming on so strong.

    I like your attitude with facing challenges because the only thing constant is change! Like me, you were prepared for it so congratulations for being ready to embrace the inevitable.


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    I taught my last class at that Bally's yesterday, a sub for a yoga class. I mentioned at the end of savasana a saying we have in the Body Training Systems programs: "If you always do what you always did, you will always get what you always got" and it was well received as an opportunity to use the club closing as an opportunity for positive change. I then stayed to take the last cycling class, from another instructor with whom I had shared a class. At the end of the ride, one of the members called for a round of applause for both of us! One woman who had been in my first class insisted on taking my picture.
    I returned today for the very last class there, also yoga, and again there was a lot of positive feelings at the end.

    Quote Originally Posted by GoSpin View Post
    Hey Paul~
    ...Do you think the club that you spoke of subbing for will remain open? It's hard to imagine that there is enough life left in any Ballys with the Urban Active chain coming on so strong....Tammie
    I've only vaguely heard of Urban Active, there are none in my area. LA Fitness is across the street, and there is a lot of competition from local and regional chains. It's hard to know if other Bally clubs will remain in operation, that will depend on how they emerge from bankruptcy.

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    Paul, it sounds like although everyone is sad about the closing, they are making the best of it. Hopefully, you and others will find new gym homes and feel just as comfortable. But you are opportunities await, new friendships, new challenges.
    “euphoric fitness – a state where every fiber of your being is awake, aware, alive but within it all, you find calm."

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    Here in metro Atlanta, the writing had been "on the wall," for some time. I left Ballys three years ago, after my location finally brought cycle bikes - or so I thought. I walked into the "new" cycle room only to see RUSTED, old Schwinn bikes (remember, this was three years ago and that location was JUST introducing cycle classes). I attempted to identify "workable" bikes, but the situation was just plain dangerous, as most of the bikes were trash!

    I then received the employee notice of the bankruptcy, noticed the lack of care and attention given to cleaning, etc., saw classes reduced to 45 minutes and watched both the in-house juice bar and clothing store close. Colleague after colleague headed out the door.... Remarkable, the club is still open, but with very limited activities. Perhaps it's just the "life-time" members who are hanging on at this particular location.

    Bally was once a powerhouse club, as most of you have noted. My, have times changed!

    When one door closes, another surely opens! Best of luck in your next endeavors.
    "When people show you who they are, believe them." Maya Angelou

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    Fit4lifer, that was almost exactly the same situation at our club. A couple years ago, when Bally emerged from its first bankruptcy, there was a "Bally Total Improvement" campaign that strongly implied that all the clubs would get new bikes. When ours, which were around since they started the cycling program 7 years before, weren't replaced, I knew our club wouldn't be around that much longer.

    Thanks to everyone for your support.

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