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Thread: Cyclops 300PT Control Head Problem

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    Unhappy Cyclops 300PT Control Head Problem

    I have owned a Cyclops 300PT for almost a year. I absolutely love it.

    That being said I have encountered a problem. The control head was reading heart rate but not power or cadence. I replaced the batteries in the control head and also in the hub sensor. Since then I get absolutely no display.

    I have researched all paper and online information and have been unable to resolve this. Has anyone else experienced this? Could it possibly be related to cold weather as the bike is in my garage and we have been experiencing some incredibly cold weather here in northern California.

    Any help would be greatly appreciated.


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    Wired or wireless?

    If it's wired, pull the head unit off, put it back on and give it a tap to ensure it is seated correctly.

    Double check to ensure the batteries in the hub were installed correctly (polarity). Also, if a wired version make sure the 2-sided cap is reinstalled properly

    If wireless, you need to re-execute the LEARN function to pair the hub to the console.

    Good luck.

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    Default I agree

    Where I teach if wireless the learn function should do the trick.

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