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Thread: Cycleops 300,200, or 100??

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    Default Cycleops 300,200, or 100??

    Wondering what all the Spin clubs are using? If you get the 100, can you upgrade to the 200 or 300, or will they take as a trade in? I think the 300 is great for the true cyclist, but for fitness & weight loss I doubt they would be interested? Any opinions? We don't want to get the wrong version!

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    Hello Sandro-

    The way to go is with the 300 PT. It is the commercial club version..

    We have them at my facility, which was a HR training based Spinning program prior to getting power.

    Our 'regular people' couldn't ever be without power again! The cyclists are already here for the winter months, and it's been great for weight loss as well.... KJ's are Kj's... and our trainers use the usb sticks to keep track of progress-watts up, heart rate down, and caloric expenditure.

    All of the clubs I know of in Boston, Long Island, Colorado, Indiana, Ohio California, and Spain have gone with the 300 PT version.


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    Default On the Contrary...

    Quote Originally Posted by Sandro View Post
    I think the 300 is great for the true cyclist, but for fitness & weight loss I doubt they would be interested? Any opinions? We don't want to get the wrong version!
    Actually, measured power (like on the Club Pro 300PT) speaks directly to the fitness & weight loss clientele. Power allows you to track and trend your fitness progress real time. It gives you a real # to train to and validate fitness improvements (In the same class/workout, is my average power higher or lower than last time?)

    The Club Pro 300PT also measures KJ, which is essentially (NOTE, I SAID ESSENTIALLY) calories burned dring your workout.

    What's the takeaway? You now have a real number to train to and you can literally see yourself get fitter (higher power #'s) and you can physically see the amount of work you did in a session (KJ).

    Take those 2 pieces of info and design a program around them. Sell it in a 6 or 8-week program above and beyond your "Spin" classes. Do the math. You'll have the difference between the 100 and the 300 paid off in no time. Ask Danielle how long it took them to pay off their bikes. While you are at it, ask her how the non-for-profit center she works at likes the stream of revenue it produces. Check out Michael McCormack at M2 Revolution in San Francisco. He's KILLING it with the Pro 300PT bike.

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    You don't have to convince me! I'm in! I'm not sure the clientele would appreciate it? Why have them on 300, when a 100 will make do? One Individual that closed down a Spinner Studio down the street thinks the Spinner or Schwinn bikes would be more than adequate? We are talking
    about 20 bikes. This is a big investment! How about the 200's, Splitting them up?

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    Default Missed the point

    Why did the studio down the street close down? Probably because s/he was of the mindset that the non-power measuring bikes they were using were "adequate".

    I tried addressing both your concerns in my last post. I'll lay it out again: The concept of training with power is nothing new. It's just that for the first time, people have a way to quantify their efforts in an indoor cycling class.

    Imagine going to lift weights. You walk into the room and there are dumbbells everywhere (yes, that's a double entendre...) They are all the same size, but they all weigh different amounts and have no indication of the weight on them. How are you going to know which ones to pick up? How are you going to know if you are getting stronger over time? That's what training on a bike without power is like. Training with power puts the # on the side of the weights so you know how much work you are doing and you can see that as you keep training, you are getting stronger. Tell me your clients aren't interested in seeing with their own eyes the #'s going up over time.

    As for the cost argument, you now offer something that is a premium over "adequate" products. If you present it properly, you will have clientele that "see the light" with training with power and will be willing to pay for that premium. I have seen it in both of the examples I gave you in the last post. The problem is that most facilities have destroyed the value of an indoor cycling class by offering "dancing on the bike". You offer a value-added service in power training. You need to charge a premium for it.

    Like I said, get a hold of Danielle and Michael. I am willing to bet they were in the black in under 14 months.

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    People would describe the city where my facility is located as 'blue collar'. Yet our clientele is from all over- people make it a point to thank my operations manager for taking our cycling program to the next level.

    You would be putting your studio on a whole other level than places that have plain ole' bikes. The revenue you could generate with the Club Pro 300 PT is limitless.

    Feel free to contact me or anyone else at Saris if you have any questions.


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    Thanks for the replies.
    I feel the other club failed to many reasons other than there clientele! They had big numbers.
    On another note have you seen those Real Ryder spin bikes?
    Any opinions?

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    Default Not so Real Riders

    I think they are perfect for the fitness industry... Another unproven gimmick.

    I guess if you are looking at those, you should take a step back and determine what it is you are trying to offer; a playground or a training facility.

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