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    Default Questions about RealRyder

    My gym just purchased RealRyders, the woman who is in charge of group fitness is really excited about them. After riding one, I can see why. My only problem is that I feel like it's more injury prone. Can you tell me more about the realryder and its benefit's to those with injuries? Thanks!
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  2. Default Benefits to the RealRyder

    We actually believe that the RealRyder is better for recovering from injuries and preventing them in the first place. We have these in Physical Therapy offices and Wellness centers and they too agree that it is a better tool to strengthen, prevent, and avoid getting injured. The advantage our bike has over others is that it allows one to move on a natural and functional range of motion, unlike other bikes that force one to move on one plane. This has allowed physical therapist to strengthen their patients using more realistic movements that use all of the muscle necessary to rehab from a knee injury or any other injury. At the same time it is safe, which is why wellness centers have become a popular place for RealRyders. It is not natural to be forced to pedal on one plane, the same reason other indoor cycles have bottom brackets and pedals that break, is the same reason people are more likely to get injured on these bikes. Similarly, the natural movement in the RealRyder absorbs forces on the bike parts that weren't meant to be used on a stiff frame, is the same reason it is easier on your body to pedal in a natural and free motion. I am glad you like the RealRyder. We obviously agree with the woman who runs your group exercise program and feel that it is significantly better than the other bikes on the market. Please feel to reply with any other questions. I love to get feedback on our ABF8.

    Jeremiah Harrington

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    I totally agree with Jeremiah! I now have been testing the Real Ryder for several weeks now, & I can say that my knees have never been happier!
    I did a little experiment on myself. Before I used the Real Rider I setup my Road bike on the trainer & tested my Strength & Endurance using my Heart rate monitor. I captured all the info.
    Now I have been riding the Real Rider for several weeks. I was amazed at the amount of calories I was burning/hr (900/hr on avg)! Anyway I thought to try and ride on my Road bike on the trainer to see if I made any gains or not? All I can say is that I felt stronger & better on the trainer than the first time! The only down fall was that my knees were sore after riding the trainer. I feel that the Real Rider is a great compromise for the outdoors! I tried all the diff Spin bikes on the market, even the X-bike. None of them gave the workout that the Real Ryder did! This is a total body workout! I had to work on balance, using my arms while pedaling. It takes a few rides to get used to it, but once you do its awesome! My first thought was that I would fall off? No chance, great solid design! it weighs over 250lbs!
    When I was looking for a indoor cycling solution ,I'm glad I looked

  4. Default Thrilled that you like the bike so much!


    We couldn't be happier that you decided to chose the RealRyder ABF8 for your facility in Toronto. With 21 ABF8s in your facility I think your classes are going to be absolutely dynamic. On top of getting a complete full body workout it is a much more interesting and fun class. It seems as though others agree with your belief that our bike is the best indoor cycle on the market as I was just made aware of an independent test of the 30 best indoor cycles on the market and the RealRyder ABF8 was named "HEAD OF THE CLASS Award Winner" with the highest score of 81. Other bikes included the StarTrac Spinner NXT, the Schwinn Evolution SR, and the LeMond Revmaster Pro. Here is the link:

    Jeremiah Harrington

  5. Default One small correction.

    Sandro mentioned how solid and well constructed our bike is. He is right and we get this all the time from anyone who rides our bike. It is the best made bike in the industry by far and we didn't cut any corners in quality when making our bike. He is 100% correct in saying that you can not fall off the bike, which as he mentioned is a common misconception and one that he shared before purchasing and trying the RealRyder ABF8. One thing I want to note though is that our bike weighs 220 pounds, which is slightly less than Sandro mentioned earlier. Just thought I would throw that out there.

    Jeremiah Harrington

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    I agree that the RealRyder is actually kinder on your joints than a regular stationary spin bike. I have a V Bike at home, and I find my knees hurt if I do back-to-back sessions while putting together profiles. At the studio, we have RealRyder bikes, and I have no such issues. Great product!!

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    I think it would be quite some time before our gym would invest the money into a bunch of RealRyder bikes but I have to say when I tried one out at a convention it was WILD!!

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    Not a big fan of the RealRyder experience for me. I do like that it is another option (raised difficulty) for the indoor rider. It did bother my knees when simulating turns. Just my two cents, that's all.

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    We have RealRyder bikes since January in our Studio now and I absolutely love them.
    The feedback of our customers is great.
    We even have groups of people who signed up in other gyms for indoor cycling and come to get on the RealRyder once a week to get a different challenge.
    The additional stimulation of core muscles is just amazing.
    Nobody ever complained of it being harder on the knees than classic indoor cycling .
    Its even the opposite. There is less stress on your joints due to the fact, that the bikeframe takes some of the twists and side force you usually get on your joints...

    We love the bike and definitely do not go back....

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    I've been using the Real Ryder bike in my studio since last November, & two of my clients who would have had trouble with there knees in the past while using the stationary bike, have had little or no difficulty with the knees since changing to the Real Ryder bikes.

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    How do you modify a spin routine for a real ryder bike? any tips? Thanks!

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