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Thread: Great forum and up for chats!

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    Default Great forum and up for chats!

    Kia Ora all,

    Dan McDonogh here. Just came across this site and its a great way for indoor cyling instructors to communicate

    I currently represent RPM for Les Mills International and always up for a chat about indoor cycling!

    Happy riding to everyone!


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    Welcome, Dan!
    “euphoric fitness – a state where every fiber of your being is awake, aware, alive but within it all, you find calm."

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    Hey Dan, Welcome!
    Glad to hear that you are still part of the RPM team.

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    where can i find some good instruction cues?

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    mew to the forum

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    I am also new to the forum. I was searching for new cues to use, and found this. I am so happy to get feedback and ideas from so many people with experience!

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    Excellent place to come for new ideas!

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    love to chat

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