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Thread: Any Questions?

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    Anyone interested in getting on a RealRyder that lives in the Los Angeles area is welcome to come to our showroom and ride our bike. We are typically here Monday-Friday from 9:00 am to 6:00 pm and we're located right by the Santa Monica Airport. I would even be willing to come in for an hour or two during the weekend if someone was interested in trying one. I'll even give you a t-shirt for coming in .

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    Is there anyone distributing in the Toronto, Canada Area? I'm in the process of purchasing 20+ bikes? We are currently looking at the Cyleops bikes?

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    We couldn't be happier that you decided to chose the RealRyder ABF8 for your facility in Toronto. With 21 ABF8s in your facility I think your classes are going to be absolutely dynamic. It seems as though others agree with your choice of purchasing the RealRyder ABF8 as I was just made aware of an independent test of the 30 best indoor cycles on the market and the RealRyder ABF8 was named "HEAD OF THE CLASS Award Winner" with the highest score of 81. Other bikes included the StarTrac Spinner NXT, the Schwinn Evolution SR, the LeMond Revmaster Pro, and of course all three models of the Saris Cyclops that we were being compared to. Here is the link:

    Jeremiah Harrington

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    Default can your bikes be made temporararly stable for new INC people, and do you have

    do you have a computer that gives back feedback such as cadence, heart rate,voltage?? and how much are your bikes new and do you have used how much?

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    I have heard you should try to limit the real ryder bikes from moving? How much is too much

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