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Thread: EMLSE 2008, Bolzano Italy

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    Default EMLSE 2008, Bolzano Italy

    hi people, just to inform you what we have done in Italy last weekend.

    March 30th 2008 Bolzano EMLSE
    (European Music & Light Spinning Event).

    one of the well managed event in Italy of this year (i think IMHO)

    one big floor wooden sportpalace in the bolzano valley
    5 rides
    260 bike

    1250 bikes booked.

    lot of presenters
    1 Italian MI (Fabrizio Toselli)
    4 Italian Spinning Team
    1 JGSI star2 & Mixmeister Instructor
    1 simple JGSI (me)

    1 concert stage
    3 large flat screen for frontal proiections
    2 big plasma screen
    2 video cam
    light 25.000W
    sound 45.000W

    2 skilled drummers with electronic and acoustic instruments

    1 live electronic set connected to a ride. FIRST TIME in Italy ASURA

    exclusive video trailers of our friend Nacho sotomayor form Spain

    lot and lot of people from Italy, Spain, Switzerland, Hungary, Germany, France

    one first photobook is here, with shoots before during and after the event.
    before event on Sunday, 120 people had dinner at Bolzano Castle on saturday, big party!

    next we are waiting for a DVD too and some youtube movies.

    organization: Westbeach Italy & Moreno Mignanelli

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    This is friggin' amazing! Next time, give us more notice - maybe I can come out for this!

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    WOW! What an event!!!! Looks like a lot of hard work went into this, but it also looks like you guys had alot of fun!!!
    Thanks for sharing! Great pics!!!
    The Groupie

  4. Default Love Bolzano

    I love is an amazing place to ride outdoors. We did one route and I almost broke out in the "Hills are alive song...from Sound of Music" but I was breathing too hard..just beautiful. Sounds wonderful and a ton of work but good job.

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    Looks like an incredible event. Wish i lived remotely close to it.

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