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Thread: looong torso in my class

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    long time lurker, first time poster. u all have helped me greatly in the past and i'm reaching out for advice.

    i have a 6+foot guy in my 6am class. his inseam is 34", the rest is all torso. when he is set up correctly sitting on the saddle everything from below waist is perfect, but his upper body is stretching over the handlebars. if he were to raise his saddle, which would screw up his set up anyway, his knees would be knocking the handlebars, which are already at the highest position.

    i'm in a quandry.... any pointers?

    hope to hear from u

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    Ah, I have a similar problem when sitting on any Keiser bike - as the bars and saddle move further away the higher they go, they're presuming that because I have a 34" inseam, I also have exceedingly long arms!

    I'm presuming his problem is the opposite, if he can stretch over the bars, but the solution may be similar. I have to push my saddle further forward than I'd like normally to create the right angle (high saddle but able to reach the bars). It may be worth him trying to lower the saddle a notch but push it further back.

    Lowering would increase the knee angle but moving the saddle further back allows him to extend the leg further, thus decreasing it again. He would also be further away from the bars, giving him some space to move.

    I wish I could draw diagrams... it makes much more sense in my head!
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    thank u robert, i'm able to understand exactly what ur saying. THANK U!

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