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Thread: 1 minute rule

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    Question 1 minute rule

    Just out of curiosity, I was wondering if anyone has encountered the RPM newest release (37). Les Mills has establishes a new rule where you don't stay out of the saddle for more than 1 minute.

    "Particpants may start to lose form and core engagement if they stand for longer than 1 minute."

    The idea, I think is to make the class achievable for everyone. I don't get it.

    I am just wondering what you all think of this idea.


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    I think it's a great idea to follow (if you teach RPM) but I can't think of any real reason why you would do that otherwise.

    Ps.I know my wording in this reply sucks like a vacuum,but I can't think of any better wording to use.

  3. Lightbulb Not Cool..... have to sit after standing for just one minute. YUCK! My club's thinking of going with RPM. I'm wondering.... Does RPM do jumps (or combination flats/hills)? If so, what RPM's do they use? My knee kills me with even 60-70 RPM (120-140 bpm) jumps. I don't want to try a certification if jumps are included in their program. Thanks for info.

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    I just recently went through RPM training and did not hear anything about jumps.


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    Default No jumps

    RPM does not do jumps. Here is the RPM profile

    First track- warm up
    2- Pace ride
    3- Hills
    4- Mixed terrain
    5- Intervals
    6- speed work
    7- Mountain Climb
    8-Ride home
    9- Stretch

    Every ride is formatted like this. The music and focus changes, the music is great. I do not teach RPM but have it in my "tool box" of resources. I would give it a chance but I think having a club go exclusively to RPM would get boring.

    The clubs I teach at do "YCyling" (Reebok) and Spinning.

    ...and I'll lay down this bottle of wine but just be kind to me - Ray LaMontagne

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    Thanks for the info, everyone.

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    Runningride, could you give me a description of the things you do for each song? Are there different profiles mixed into each song? Or is it one profile, say a climb, for each song. Like, for example, what would you do for the mixed terrain song? I guess I'd like you to describe what you would do for each song. If it's too much trouble, don't worry about it, okay? Thanks again.

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    Ok -

    The warm up is really basic, R and L leg drills upper body stretch.

    Pace Ride. You pick up you pace (cadence) usually about three times, working with the music, like you are in a pace line outside. This finishes with a small hill usually.

    Hills. Usually three peaks both seated and standing sometimes with downhills (flat) or standing recovery.

    Mixed terrain. Works with speed and hills. Speed to hill, climb, then ride easy.

    Intervals. Usually a fast paced song with a killer refrain where you "attack" so to speak. This is in and out of the saddle in what would be closely related to a jump but more than an 8-count.

    Speed Work. Just what is sounds like. Using the refrains for pick ups. Not really sprints but working people at their speed.

    Mountain Climb. Take the hill and put it on crack. The songs are powerful and there are usually three peaks with fast flats between or just dial backs in resistance.

    The fundamentals of RPM move toward Spinning every release. Pairing the moves with the music is what makes it different. I find that people really like that. I think that the biggest fear for people is that they have to teach every class the exact same. I will usually teach a class like this once every few months. It is away that I can grab a workout if I don't have time to do one myself.

    If you do the training let me know what you think.


    ...and I'll lay down this bottle of wine but just be kind to me - Ray LaMontagne

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    Okay, Kathy; I'll let you know how I like RPM soon. I love "spinning," and I'm really good at it except for the knee thing. Now then, the interval where you're out of the saddle (the one closest related to a jump)--is the "more than an 8-count" "jump" done at a very fast pace? Transitioning from a flat to a hill lis no problem for me unless it's just a little too fast, at which point my knee says "OUUCHHHH!"

    We're planning a spring training, by the way. Thanks SO much for all your help.

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    I just got certified and am teaching both RPM and freestyle. I think the biggest reason you're seeing the 1 minute rule is because one of the directors is an ex pro cyclist. Outdoors-we stay in the saddle more and I can't remember a time where I was out of the saddle for a minute-it's just too inefficient. When I teach freestyle I encourage members to ride in or out of the saddle as they wish. The strictly IDC members like to ride out of the saddle more-while my roadies ride in the saddle more with a larger gear. I'm thinking the director who was a pro cyclist is giving the program a real feel for outdoor cycling. Actually he's doing a pretty good job with each song having a profile. I'm not too happy with the in and out of the saddle as we don't ride like that outside but I understand it because IDC is very boring when compared to outdoor riding. There are no Jumps-most cycling programs are taking out Jumps less than 16 ct. I'm Schwinn and they don't teach Jumps. RPM is a good program (and I'm saying that after being extremely resistant to it) especially for instructors who want to teach IDC and have never ridden outside or aren't good at choreographing their rides. I took the training after extracting a promise from my coordinator to keep freestyle in the schedule. We have a very strong cycling staff so the members didn't really see a difference in class other than they were shorter-some liked that fact others did not.

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    Helpful information. It doesn't sound like the kind of class I would want to teach!

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