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    I have alot of participants who want to change their seats so that they tip up or down. Shouldn't the seats be level and only the height/aft and bars be adjusted? I am worried that tipping the seats causes undu stress on the hipflexors. Not to mention the constant stress and possible stripping of the seat screws. Any suggestions?

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    The saddles should be set to level and not adjusted for the rider.If they sit ON the saddle opposed to IN the saddle,they will not tilt.If they tilt,then for safety sake you will need to level them off but that is the only reason.There will be un-neccessary stress put onto the bars that run underneath the saddle otherwise.

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    What Rick said

    I had to teach one class with a completely loose saddle but, as he's said, I was able to balance myself well by sitting properly on the saddle.
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