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    We had our CycleOps cert this weekend,,,,and all I can say is-----WOW!!!

    Danielle was fabulous. There was so much wonderful information and it was presented in a marvelous fashion. Way to go Danielle, and I look forward to working with you in the future. You were da bomb!

    The bikes are amazing,,,,,,my instructors(and me) were wowed with the data on the consoles w/watts-cadence-HR.

    I had my first class last night and the members loved it to!

    Rock on "Power" world! bev
    "Life should NOT be a journey to the grave with the intention of arriving safely in an attractive and well preserved body, but rather to skid in sideways - Chardonnay in one hand - chocolate in the other - body thoroughly used up, totally worn out and screaming "WOO HOO, What a Ride"

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    How long was the workshop?
    And what is the main thing you will you differently since completing it?
    cheers, cafehead...

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    Hey, are there coffee beans in that Mohawk?

    As far as the CycleOps Power Training- it is a 9 hr. certification. It is both ACE and AFAA accredited. One can also get credits for USAC and USAT.

    What do you do differently in comparison to regular indoor cycling? You train with Power- the work you do- measured in watts, in conjunction with HR and RPE. There is a CycleOps Power Tap inside every hub.Strain gauges inside the Power Tap measure all 365 degrees of your stroke on both crank arms. No cheating, no momentum from the flywheel - or you'll see your watts all over the place.

    Participants can train based on threshold power (and correlating threshold HR), and track their progress via the ability to download every session on a usb stick. Instead of training the bodies response to turning the pedals (heart rate), we are training based on the stimulus (force+torque+cadence), the work we can do....


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    No beans in the 'hawk but it's nearly xmas so you never know...

    One of our facilities has just installed the Keiser M3 which features what I can only assume is some power extrapolation. I noticed it seems related to what it thinks is the position of the magnet rather than actual torque. Sometimes you can tweak your work down without tiggering a new lower power read. Still it's a nice feature and it's not critical that it's particularly valid or reliable.

    There's no power based training course here yet. The Cycle-Ops distributor seems to be starting to get a reputation for being just a bit too hard to deal with. I'm thinking we'll probably have to do the research and write a course ourselves. Can't be that hard can it. It's not as though we're inventing it. Just adapting it for general population, group fitness and stationary bikes.


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    What distributor are you attempting to work through? All of CycleOps Power education is handled club direct.

    Give me a call and we can talk education. We have a couple of certs coming up. Specifically one in Madison. 800-783-7257 x130


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    We're in Melbourne Australia. The club is Monash University (Clayton Campus) and the contact there is Andrew Robinson. You can tell him Shayne generated the query.

    Is there anyone to deliver the training in Australia. If not, we're interested, have the experience, accreditation, profile and sport science background.

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