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Thread: Schwinn Cycling Program

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    Default any good suggestions/informaton on Schwinn bikes?

    I have just applied to start teaching cycle at at new gym that has Schwinn bikes. I'm Mad Dogg certified, and have never taught on this style of bike. I noticed a lot of members were riding with their hands stacked during flat road sequences. Is this a taught hand position? Any information on these bikes or appropriate form/riding style of this bike would be appreciated. I plan on continuing to teach my Spinning cirriculum, but wanted to make sure I'm teaching correct form, etc for this bike style.


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    Quote Originally Posted by Megale View Post
    Cool you'll dig it. By the way who is giving the orientation? And is this going to be the MPower training too?
    The MPower Consol is A-MA-ZING to use while coaching (and training). Gives a whole new dimension to the workout.

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    Quote Originally Posted by penswin77 View Post
    The MPower Consol is A-MA-ZING to use while coaching (and training). Gives a whole new dimension to the workout.
    I work at two different places that "Sport" these and they keep me thinking of new challenges all the time, and not just for power bikes but the originals too. I look forward to the next gen on them.

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    The gym I currently teach at is switching to schwinn bikes...I'm currently have the mad dogg cert. Tried looking online for upcoming courses..anybody know anything???

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    What I heard is they are holding off on certs. until they figure out something w/ the new bikes. It should be soon. The only place they are doing certs. right now is intern'l.

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    Like them on facebook and you'll see all the upcoming certs. Hope this helps.

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