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Thread: Whats in your smoothie??

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    Thought at first you said you bought some Sam Adams PB. Now that would be an interesting smoothie (mental note to try Sam Adams & PB smoothie sometime when the wife isn't home...)

    LOL~ That was my first thought at first. But, if you think about it wouldn't megs actually try it? .......YES........

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    Default is soy milk real good??

    i just read about your smoothies and i stared to do it...
    i bought soy milk and stuff...but there is a lot of people that started saying that soy milk is not goog, cause has a lot of hormons....and i do a research on the net...and for my surprise...they were right...what you guys know about it???
    i am really confused now...about take in it or not

    go visit
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    Mine has one banana, greek yogurt, chocolate milk, cinnamon, and three ice cubes.

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    Almond milk, vanilla protein, chia seeds, raspberries, avocado, 2 figs and a bit of water.

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    Unsweetened vanilla almond milk, banana, spinach, Now chocolate protein powder, PB2 powdered peanut butter

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    My go-to is greek yogurt, almond milk, spinach, blueberries & strawberries, and a banana.

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    Almond milk
    Frozen banana
    1 spoonful of PB or almond butter
    1 scoop Natural Factors Whey protein powder

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    Plain Greek yogurt
    Frozen pawpaw (if you're lucky enough to find it in the autumn and freeze it)
    Some skim milk if too thick
    Optional dash of maple syrup

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    One banana
    low fat vanilla or plain Greek yogurt
    Peanut butter (more than I probably should ass)
    skim milk
    crushed ice
    *sometimes protein powder*
    YUM 😊

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    If you want the potassium of bananas without the bulk of adding them whole, try using banana powder instead. It’s made from dried bananas finely milled, and its potassium can act like a natural energy drink after a tough workout.

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