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Thread: Heart rate monitor that lights up?

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    Default Heart rate monitor that lights up?

    Hello, I have been learning so much from this forum and I have another question regarding HRMs. I've tried to use mine but I spin in a darkened room ( I know this was already discussed on another thread as I did a search) and have a hard time seeing my HR. Does anyone have any recommendations for a HRM that lights up when you bring the watch portion close to your chest? This would be for both men and women. Thanks in advance.

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    Lizardbiker Guest


    I have a Polar F6 that does that - except when you bring it to your chest, it also displays the time rather than your heart rate. There is a backlight button, but then you have to take both hands off of the handlebars, unless you mount your HRM on the handlebars.

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    I think I may need to speak with someone face to face or on the phone. The spin room I teach in is very dark and it would be hard to see the face of the monitor if I had it on the handlebars of the bike. I am also needing to wear glasses to read these days (getting older, ugh) so it may be tough to see even in the light of day. I will look into the F6 model.

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    Default indiglo

    my timex hrm has the little indiglo feature on it

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    Exclamation Correction - my F6 DOES light up with HR!!

    I was just working out this morning and playing with my Polar F6, and it indeed DOES light up and display your heart rate when you bring it close to your chest strap! So leave it on your arm, not your handlebar, and just bring it near your chest whenever you want to check your heart rate!

    Sorry about the misinfo on my previous post!!

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    I believe Polar used to make and little light specifically for indoor cycling that fastens next to your monitor on the handlebars so you can see your HR. I would not use the 'bring the monitor up to your transmitter belt' method more than a couple times a day. The back light will wear out that battery in a very short period. That feature is intended to check the time or HR once in a while. I have a Sports Instruments HR that has a great back light, but they recommend using it on average once a day. I tried to locate where you can get one of those handle bar mounted lights, but came up empty.
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    Here's a link to that bike light for a HRM. It's in the store at the site.
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    Thumbs up polar 6 blacklight

    i've been using my poalr 6 for over a year now and have used it for both spinning and training for my first 1/2 marathon. i teach my classes in a darkened studio and often run at night--so i'm always using the function where i raise my watch to my chest monitor, probably more than what's considered several times a day and i have not had any problem with battery drain. most of my riders have had the same experience. i see no reason to use a separate light to check your hr in the dark, save you $ if you have a polar 6 and use the intended function in my opinion. take care...jmd

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    plus, a CR-2032 battery isn't all that expensive to replace.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Lizardbiker View Post
    plus, a CR-2032 battery isn't all that expensive to replace.
    exactly!! Polar recommends getting a Polar agent to do it but unless you're concerned about underwater use and your warranty then it's a 2-minutes job at any watch dude (or dudette) store.

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    Default How to mount ANY Polar monitor to (almost) ANY "spin" bike

    OK, first labels for the following instructions... this is all easier if you do it whilst reading the following.

    Watch has a strap in two parts
    * part with the buckle on it
    * tail part (no buckle)

    The buckle part of the strap has two features
    * the buckle
    * the tail keeper (loop of plastic which the tail goes through after the buckle)

    1. Remove watch from wrist
    2. Thread the tail through the keeper
    3. Draw the keeper as close to the watch as possible (without undue stretching), keeping equal parts of tail and buckle strap between watch and keeper. Makes a triangle.
    4. Now you can wrap the tail and buckle around the handle bars and gently do it up. This should provide a nice little dashboard.

    Potential problems
    1. Breaking the keeper - no biggie - non-essential to watch function and replacements almost free if you ask nicely...

    2. Students who mount their monitors then might be tempted to activate the Polar "Heart Touch(tm)" light activation function by lowering their chests to the handlebars. Provide remedial instructions and beatings as needed to prevent foolishness.

    So how's that. Are those instructions OK, or should I post photos?

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