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    Our clubs use Reeboks and everyone, including the instructors seem to like them. Anyone else have an opnion on Reebok V-bikes???? I know there are more of us Reebokies out there so come on.

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    My first certification was with Reebok....does that count?

    Actually, that was the only time I was on a Reebok bike too. None of the facilities I've taught at since have had those bikes.

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    My certification is through Reebok, but our club uses the JG Pro bikes. I would like to take additional Reebok cert classes, but I'm finding it impossible to find anything locally. I'm attending the DC/AC convention in DC the end of the month and signed up for a bunch of Spinning classes.

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    Crazyamy Guest


    That's all i ride, and they stink. They are always breaking and they MUST be expensive to maintain since the bearings are all sealed. Once you need to overhaul a bottom bracket, you have to replace it!

    Also, they aren't great for anyone over 6' tall. I'm having back problems b/c I can't get those durn handle bars high enough. Makes it tough for anyone who is remotely tall to really get a decent position, IMO. When I take a class with an istructor who makes us stand, I whisper to the other giants that that doesn't apply to us--puts too much stress on the knees when those bars aren't high enough.


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    rafisusan Guest


    I took my first cycling workshop on a Reebok bike and at the time, liked it so much that I bought one for home use. I've taught on them in the club setting, but keeping them in working order is always an issue. I don't think they hold up well to the high demands of heavy usage; I actually much prefer the old JG Schwinn workhorses. (We're slow to change here in Northern CA!)

    The Reebok is great for home use though -- nothing beats having it right next to the stereo to test music and profiles!

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    snowbunny Guest


    We have Reebok at our gym....I do not like them. My preference is Rev-master or Schwinn. I think it is a close tie between these two for top honors.

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    Don't care for them. As stated, 6ft. doesn't seem to fit comfortably. Feels flimsy after having Schwinn and Spinner. Setup is more difficult for beginners, no markings(hey they're beginners). Where I can cue to feel the road I hesitate on them in fear of tipping. But everyone has there own tastes and comfort levels. Maintenance hasn't become an issue yet. Hope it doesn't. But must say I have done a lot of work on the other 2 brands.
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