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Thread: 10 hour spin-athon we made it

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    Default 10 hour spin-athon we made it

    Wow what a day
    12 of us took part in a 10 hour spin-athon for charity only stopping for comfort breaks starting at 9am and finishing at 7pm.
    It ended up being a fantastic day one of the most bonding experiences i,ve done with my clients, one of my clients said she loved every second of it.
    It was a nightmare to organise as i had to create 10 hours of non stop music as well as make sure that everyone would be safe throughtout the 10 hours so i was constantly getting feedback from them as well as organising food,energy drinks etc.
    So as to keep it real i factored in a standing climb,a seated climb, a set of jumps, sprints and an activity piece every hour so we actually did a real class every hour.
    Our legs were shot the next day but within 2 days we were all recovered and now everbodys putting in suggestions for next year 12 hour or 24 hour non stop spin are they mad
    PS we raised over £5,000 for charity and took over £650 on the door from walk-ins
    the second photo is of us trying to do the mexican wave
    pps we normally do our spin in the cycling studio but we were out near the reception for this and hooted and cheered whenever someone made a donation in the bucket seemed to work
    Cheers Dave
    Proof attached
    Picture 199.jpg

    Picture 261.jpg
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    Lizardbiker Guest


    Congrats! That's an awesome accomplishment for you and your riders!!

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    Amazing Dave, kudos to you for putting a great (and very difficult) event together!
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    jessicamdavison Guest


    Wow! That is something! Great Job!

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    Chas12 Guest


    I just taught a 90 min class on Sat and thought I would die. It was a lot harder than riding a metric century to me but fun though. GREAT JOB!

  6. Default I thought 3 hours was tough!

    Wow! We did something similar at our club a few weeks ago. We thought we were ambitious with 3 hours! Havnig said that we did really well on the fund-raising (even with our modest 3 hours) for Children in Need.

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    hy i hope you can help me...we want to do a 3 hours tour in many time from the warm up many time does the people that attened the class went to take spinning classes...i mean 4 weeks one month...????

    thank u
    love life!!

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    melt66 Guest

    Default Wow

    That's incredible. I am participating in my first 'spin-a-thon' in two weeks ... 6 hour ride with SpinOdyssey to raise money for breast cancer research. I have been building up my endurance and am at about 3 consecutive hours. I'm pretty nervous about completing a 6 hour ride (I have friends/family that have completed marathons in less time than that) ... but I am excited and will RIDE 'till the bitter end!

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    Doing a 3 hour ride for Lance Armstrong Foundation tomorrow. Most of the riders have been training for the last 2 months putting in extra time in classes and before and after class. This is the 2nd time we've done a ride like this and this time we filled all 32 bikes and have a few on the wait list in case someone bags out at the last minute. The riders all submitted thier music choices and I had to thread them on together on MM. I'll let you know how it goes after the recovery period is over tomorrow
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    I'm sure you will have a great time! Have fun!
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    Default 6 hours

    If you are in the Wisconsin area in February check out the MACC Funds 6 hour ride for cancer research. This year we were snowed out but still raised $130,000. Check it out -

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