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Thread: Weight Loss

  1. Default Weight Loss

    This is more of a personal thing other than a topic concerning classes or participants.

    I'm a male racing cyclist, 46 years of age, have maintaned my body weight between 170-175 for years now. I've been an instructor for 3 years and in the past year have been able to maintain my weight within 168-173. When I was racing 10-15 years ago, my body weight was 165. Since then I've put on upper body mass (muscle) with maybe 2-3 lbs actual fat.

    Last racing season I found my climbing to be mid to tail end of the pack. I chalked it up to getting up in age but have recently revisited my diet, my workouts in the off season and my power to weight ratio. As far as my diet is concerned, hey, we could all ease up on the breads/carbs (i.e. beer) and snacks, but my wife and I came to an agreement of sorts. We decided to cut out most of the breads, all of the snacks, limit ourselves to one glass of wine with dinner and no beer. Work in the complex carbs in limited amounts, increase lean protiens and just be sensible about the caloric intake overall.

    Here's what I'm trying to accomplish. I currently weigh in at 168 lbs. I want to loose 5% of my total body weight over the next 4-5 months. Sounds easy right? Well, with the holiday season upon us, we will have to be smart about the choices available to use at the family dinners. If I can reduce my weight by the intended goal while intensifying my weight workouts to increase my power, I'm thinking I will be able to hang with the big guys and see what happens. I know i'll be loosing some upper body mass which is ok.

    I teach classes 3 days a week and work out on the same days my lower body and core strength. We try to ride at lease once outside throught the winter on the weekends and hit the fluid trainer regularly.

    So, your thoughts, ideas, concerns, personal stories and experiences are welcome.

    Please discuss.

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    Lizardbiker Guest


    Good luck!

    The biggest thing is keeping the commitment. Sounds like you're getting a good share of cardio with teaching 3 times a week which is good. Maybe start increasing the weight/strength work on the legs, and of course, when you get a chance to ride, look for as many climbs as you can fit in a ride.

    BTW are you looking at peaking for a specific event, or general weight loss? There's different tactics depending on if you're going for a long term healthy weight or really dropping to increase your power/weight ratio for specific events. I let my weight go up to 155 in the off season, then as I get closer to my events, I'll dip between 145-150, but bring it back up after the big events are over.

    Speaking of workouts, it's lunchtime - time to hit the gym

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    raptor Guest


    Here's my thought: you've got more energy than I do.

    Were I to race, I'd focus on criteriums and time trials. All power, no weight worries! If I tried a hilly road race with my build (190 lbs), I'd be OTB PDQ.


  4. Default Ah yes - criteriums........

    I do pretty well in the criteriums around here. I've won a couple in my earlier years and allways am in the mix when it comes show time. Must be my aggressive side that comes out in me. I'm looking at a few different races that I want to peak for - one being in April. I agree, commitment is key. The weeks between Thanksgiving and Christmas will be crunch time for me only because when at other peoples houses, its difficult to be picky without showing the appearance of rudeness of the hosts hard labor food wise. I do look forward to the challenge and i have a great partner (my wife) who is a trained dietician and who also is willing to shed some poundage in order to increase her power to weight ratio. She's 116 lbs and wants to be 110. We are looking to each other for guidance and encouragment in our weight management program.

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    jean ducey Guest


    first of all, it's so great to hear men discuss their views of healthy weight loss and nutrition. so much of the time it seems this is a womens topic. i can't give you anything but encouragement on your training as i am not a competitive rider. i do think you are totally making the right decision in working with your wife on this, very smart move. the holidays will be tough, but not impossible. when i am focused i have lost wieight this time of year. one tip that helps, eat a piece of fruit before you attend any dinner, party etc...even if you're not hungry, it will keep you from binging and remind you that you've already made a smart choice so don't blow it. one question, why the switch from beer to wine? seriously, it's really calories in vs calories burned right? just wondering....take care and best of luck....jmd

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    SpeedyChix Guest

    Default weight loss

    Well, as a bike racer (who I'm guessing is in their off season right now) this is the perfect time to go for weight loss. I've got more questions though;

    a - What kinds of races do you normally do? Crits, TT's, road (hilly or flat/long or short)?
    b - What's your yearly hourly training like?
    c - Losing 5% is a lot. Do you know what your body fat is at this time?

    I think you wrote that you're not climbing as well (or maybe others are climbing better?). You're training, roughly, 8 hours a week right now, including weight training, is that right? If it is, you may want to consider doing 'weight work' on the bike.

    Ok, as a master that I'm guessing has been racing for several years you've built up a very high base and what a master loses, fast, is their intensity. Doing some LT or AT (however you want to define it) and/or some VO2max workouts beginning about 6 weeks prior to your race(s) in April. There's some cool stuff about 'block training' that's being tossed around now (be careful with that though).

    Weight work on a bike? Example; 1 sets of 3 min.'s with your cadence at 60rpm's and aerobic (working at 75-80% HR or power of CP15) - 2nd set, same intensity, but rpm's are at 80. 3rd set at 100 rpm's....keep building time until you get up to 10 min.'s with recovery not exceeding 6 min.'s. That way, you can maximize bike time and get the strength you desire. If crits work for you, then you have that fast power? Translate that for hills and simulate that intensity for longer and longer durations.

    Level 2 Coach USA Cycling

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    To all - thanks for the words of encouragement.
    To Jean - My wife started racing last year and we took a long look at our weaknesses/strengths and decided to start with our diets. We eat very healthy around here but I noticed in particular that I could cut out a few things that I really didn't need in my diet. There really isn't a switch from beer to wine - just cutting the beer down to maybe 2-3 per month and limiting the wine to 1 glass a day at dinner time only. It's all about limiting the caloric intake to more esential calories while balancing the good fats (yes there are good fats), carbs and protiens.
    To SpeedyChix - We have a criterium training series that starts at the end of March and goes thru April. Then its a few road races followed up with criteriums and road races mingled together throughout the year. There are more criteriums than road races however. As far as time trials, if its not a 3 day stage race, there really isn't any time trials to speak of except for a tuesday training series in the summer.
    Not sure what my yearly training hours are. I'd have to add it up - it can vary weekly based on commitments with the kids, weather and job.
    Yes, I agree that 5% is alot - I had a body fat test useing the immersion test back in the old racing days and I tested at 3.9%. My guess is that now I'm right around 6% but I havn't been tested. I'm a pretty lean guy and even my wife and friends have made statements about where this weight will come from. I'm keeping a good protien intake and am continueing my weight workouts so I don't loose muscle. I have no doubt that my upper body will loose the muscle mass that I have accumulated over the past 4 years in the gym. We all know upper body mass does nothing for climbing and I am figuring that is where most of the weight will come from. I'm OK with that.
    I could not agree with you more. I have noticed that I race way harder than I train. I need to boost my LT and AT training to simulate race conditions. Good point. I brought this very topic up to my wife and even have incorporated it into my classes on a limited basis.
    Lastly, I'm the type of person who maintains his fitness all year around. This makes me appear fast in the early season while everybody else is getting fit. Then as the season progresses, they get quicker while my gains are smaller in comparison. It's all in the specifics I agree. Keeping on top of ones weaknesses is a forever moving target. This year, I'm starting at the beginning with nutrition. Lets see how that goes over the holidays.
    thanks again to all of you for reading.

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    Quote Originally Posted by neilro View Post
    If you really want to lose weight, Then don't struggle for it .Just use hcg drops diet, It is the best way to lose weight according to your desire.No more hard workouts and medications.
    You are joking, right???

    This is one of those BAT-$H&T crazy.....diets based on fake human chorionic gonadotrophin hormone and a 500kcal a day diet. Starving yourself always causes weightloss.


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    Quote Originally Posted by Vivienne View Post
    You are joking, right???

    This is one of those BAT-$H&T crazy.....diets based on fake human chorionic gonadotrophin hormone and a 500kcal a day diet. Starving yourself always causes weightloss.

    And death.
    sometimes low self-esteem is earned. it's the correct response if you are not trying your best. do something about it. - Michael Koppelman

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    So, I posted a reply to this most recent post that appears to have been snagged up in *moderation* .... which possibly, maybe, perhaps, peut etre neilro experienced the same. Seeing as it's quite an important concept to work with, I'll risk being redundant and opine/say/state that .....DO NOT FOLLOW THIS DIET PLAN.

    It's STOOPID.

    It's based on an energy intake of 500kcals/day.

    It's a SCAM..... make that a SCAM

    I have carefully avoided using the original marketing link that neilro *thoughtfully* provided and I have also avoided expletive language (which I believe I did in my original iteration) .....but still, the take-home message here with this diet is to avoid it like you would a stinkin' pile o' dog poop.
    Last edited by Vivienne; 05-13-2014 at 01:12 PM. Reason: made the scam size even bigger....

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    Okay, I have talked to a few people who have done HCG (i'm personally not crazy enough to try it) and you do drop a lot of pounds quickly, but the problem is that it's likely to all come back very quickly and more. A lot of regrets here, people.

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