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Thread: what spin bike to get?

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    Question what spin bike to get?

    Do to my hectic life i.e. three kids, job and school and lack of available classes i have decided to get a bike for my home but since i haven't been a consistent spinner for at least six years-but it was my favorite cardio workout-my question is with so many bikes on the market i am looking for which is the best one for me in terms of reliability, ease of maintenance, durability and which offers the best consistent work out. i have heard good things about the lemond revmaster and the spinner pro or elite by star trac any recommendations on which brand and or model to get. which brand has a good repair record and which brand/model would be better to get an used bike?
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    I have an original Schwinn Spinner Elite at home and I love it. I instruct classes on LeMonds, which have their own pro's and cons. However, I bought a Kurt Kinetic trainer last year and used my actual road bike--doing some home workouts on the bike/trainer combo and some sessions on the Spinner. Depending on how much you want to spend, I suggest that you get a new bike and Kinetic trainer. A road, cx, or mountain bike will all work great on the trainer (just need a slick rear tire on it). If you have no desire to ride a real bike and are only interested in the exercise aspects of it, I would say that you pick up a Star Trac Spinner ($649-$1325 at or you go all out and and have $1200-1900 to spend then get a CycleOps
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    We have a Schwinn and Spinner Pro at home. If you could afford the NXT with cadence meter that will really stand up to time or go all out and get a cycle ops (that will be our next purchase for home use).

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