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    I currently teach spinning for years & I'm currently enrolled to do the RPM Training at the end of October. Do you think that its easier to learn the training since I have so many years of spinning or is it completely different. I do have my certification in Les Mills Body Pump & I can tell you that it is overwhelming at first because of all the choreography & the timing. I didn't think it would be that hard since I have many years of lifting & teaching. But its a completely different "ball game" Let me know your thoughts. Thanks Kelly

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    I was in a very similar situation when I took the BTS (now Mossa) Group Ride training a few years ago. Not sure how similar GR is to RPM, but I doubt you'll have any real problems. The biggest difference from most other cycling programs is that you usually ride to the beat of the music. The programming (choreography) is so much easier than in a barbell program because there are not nearly so many things you can do on a bike.

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    I just got certified on RPM 77, and I like it a lot, I am going to buy some back releases.

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