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Thread: Cadence Counting help please

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    bikerchick2 Guest

    Default Cadence Counting help please

    Hi guys, I have been teaching for a long time. I have not used cadence counting in many many years. I used to do it, but participants became bored and I stopped doing it. I would just keep an eye on their cadence and tell them when to increase of decrease more until they were pedaling where I wanted them. Well...I am going to start teaching at another gym, they do the cadence/rpm counting. I am rusty. Help...what are the guidelines. 10 seconds your knee hits your hand....etc.....etc.....

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    15 second counts:

    Climbs 60-80 rpm = 15-20
    Run/flats 80-110 = 20-27

    At least these are MDA guidelines.

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    han-grrl Guest

    Default cadence

    with my groups, i time 15 seconds for them and they count knee taps to hand on one side. multiply by 4 and that's the cadence in revolutions per minutes. hope that helps!


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    I count for 6 seconds and put a '0' on the end.Less maths.

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    Default Knee counts

    I find that if I do the 6 seconds one by the time I said now...and stop everyone misseda beat or two (maybe it is my class) so I do the 15 sec one.
    Incidentally, I asked my lot the 'spare bike at the front' question, and out of 14 ,10 -12 said they would take it, sit there next to me for nowt, even the first time newbie said yes, even though she did not know me.....the class pointed out that was probably BECAUSE she did not know me....thanks guys.

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    Yeah,you see I think the thing here is they DO know me. They do know that at any moment something crazy/fun will probably come from so far out of left field they won't know how to handle it.But having had 2 people ride with me now,I feel a different kind of trust is building.

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    Default Can you ride tandem?

    I'm still not sure why so many of mine were so willing. Hmmmmmmmmmm.

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    I find that counting RPM's tends to be distracting to my participants; however, I feel it is vital to new people in class so that they know how fast/slow they should be pedaling, also it's a fresh reminder to the veteran cyclers in class. Sooooooooo, I ask them to count the downstroke of one foot and time them for 15 seconds and tell them the range they should be for that particular segment (hill climb/flat/etc.) Almost every time the riders adjust their resistance/cadence.
    A fun way I have found is to incorporate a cadence check into jumps, especially JOH. For instance, I have them take their resistance to simulate a hill and have them do jumps - 15 secs up, 15 secs down and say - I want 17 pedal strokes when you are standing and 17 pedal strokes when down in the saddle, etc. This way they are tuned in and are focusing on keeping a certain pace standing and down in the saddle.
    I do this in several classes and they seem to appreciate the drill, plus it brings out the competitive nature in some of them lol (they have to live up to the challenge) Hope this helps! ~Marnie

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    I was taught to also count the downstrokes for 15 seconds. Rather than just letting their knee gently touch their hand on the way up people start slapping their knee and the noise can get so distracting that you loose count.

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    raptor Guest


    This is one way "riding to the beat" comes in VERY handy. With exceptions, I choose my music to match the desired cadence. Then I can tell my people to find beat, match it, and don't let it go. If they do, they're riding at the specified cadence.

    I've also been riding long enough that I have a cadence counter in my subconscious mind. I can guess within 5 RPM how fast I'm pedaling, then compare to someone else. This comes from race training when I spent hours trying to match specific cadences.


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    I use the 10 second method.

    Start count with zero, vs one

    Count each time the knee comes up.

    14 count = 85 rpm
    15 count = 90rpm
    16 count = 96 rpm


    I remind them not to speed up - most often, everyone pedals faster when counting.

    The classes I teach like to do the count for 2 reasons -
    They know if there is too much or too little resistances on the wheel

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