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    kristibike Guest

    Talking Y spin classes! ...

    I was just wondering, do any of you teach "group cycling" at the YMCA, not using a licensed program, but their "own" version? It's frustrating. I used to teach RPM & Group Ride, ...choreography and music sold to me quarterly. It was great. Years ago, the Y I teach at, did use and were a certified JohnnyG, Mad Dogg training/programs facility. For some reason, that ended.
    Question: How can I get some Mad Dogg class formats, without having to get "re" certified?...
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    The principles of the spinning program are discussed on the certification class, though with your previous training on "Group Ride" you may already know all or most of them ??? just with different names I guess... I'm not really sure how the RPM certification process works but I would think BTS might give you the tools to present safe and effective indoor cycling classes... right?

    Continuing Ed courses might help you in designing / building classes on your own. Can you use your "Group Ride / RPM" class format until you take a class? Additionally, I suggest that you start by choosing a particular objective for a class, and then pick the moves/music to achieve that goal... it will become easier as you get more experience...

    There are many resources on this site that can help you too, check-out the "profile" section for good classes and music suggestions. I do think that continuing education and some experience will do the trick.

    Hope this helps,

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    Stayseeliz Guest


    You are still RPM/Group Ride certified aren't you? Can you only get their music if you're working in a liscensed club? I'd stick with the Group Ride format..

    I just took the Ride certification a couple of weeks ago and I have a couple of their classes then I ordered a couple from to give me a little variety. I'm teaching once a week and might start teaching twice a week so I need the variety..I hope to branch out and teach at the Y or another club before too long..

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    bikerchick2 Guest

    Default Our Y is thinking about RPM?

    Hi, our Y is thinking about getting all of us RPM certified. We are currently Reebok and we of course make our own music and profiles for our classes. What are the benefits to this RPM program? Will I get bored using the same profiles and Music CD's over and over???

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    Stayseeliz Guest


    I plan on doing a mix of Group Ride/RPM and my own stuff..SOme of the benefits of using the RPM is that it's designed by a professional so you know it's a good workout. It's also less work on your part having to try and come up with new classes constantly..But if might limit you a little if you like to do your own thing. I really enjoyed the Group Ride training.

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    I teach at a YMCA and we have to get heart zones certified. It's kind of interesting, but a little bit of a pain to pay for that certification when I am already Madd dog certified.

  7. Default my own 2 cents!

    My first cert was Johnny G
    my second was Reebok
    my third was Heart Zones
    and my last and least favorite RPM/Les Mills.

    My favorite is HeartZones. By far the most meaningful to me. I would say for a new instructor it might be a little too much. But for current instructors looking for a way to better their classes and take them to another level,,,I love heart zones.

    For several reasons RPM is my least favorite. I was at a club who went this way(also with all their other programs.) It is very restricting to the "creative" instructor. I felt it pulled me down a notch or two as an instructor but for the instructor who doesn't want to "work" on their profile/classes ahead of time, this may be the way to go. I'm still friends with quite a few participants at this gym and after 6 months they can't stand it. All instructors use the same music, same class format, etc.

    But to each his own. It's great to have knowledge of them all and choose what fits your style the best!

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    snowbunny Guest


    We have several certs at our Y. A few Johnny G; Schwinn; Rev-Master; Reebok....and we all do our own thing....some only use the y's purchased music...and some have their own music and profiles. I have to admit, the classes in which the instructors do their own music/profiles are full, and more successful....because they are more creative and FUN !!!

    I really hope we don't go any "standard" program.

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