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Thread: Keiser M3 Drivetrain Noise

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    I bought a couple of used Keiser M3s and one of them is making quite a bit of noise from the drive train, itís kind of a muffled gravely noise. I took the flywheel off and it is definitely isolated to the drive belt assembly, either the flywheel, idler pulley, or crank. When i take off the belt, all three seem super quiet despite my best effort to spin and add force and I canít isolate the source of the noise with the belt on. It seems like the flywheel bearing would be the most likely culprit. Iím pretty sure the idler pulley is so smooth I could cross it off. I donít know what there would be to go bad in the crank.

    do you have any idea how to identify what is the source? I have a video if it helps. Next question would be the best place to get parts. I was planning on contacting Keiser.

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    I seem to be in the exact same boat as you, so if you get an answer, Iím interested too. I may have bought my used bike from the same people (Vancouver, BC).

    My idler pulley was cracked, so I replaced it and while the clicking noises reduced somewhat, theyíre still there and seems to be coming from the hub (flywheel bearing). - Iím pretty sure itís not my crank.

    The clicking isnít so bad that part of me is thinking maybe this is just standard wear-and-tear, but Iíd rather bring the bike bike into top form if it wonít be too costly to do so.

    welcoming thoughts!

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    I fortunately have 2 bikes so I could take the flywheel hub off another bike and swap them to see if that fixes it. I just donít want to somehow mess up the other bearing assembly if they are really sensitive to assembly or bolt tension or something.

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    I ended up swapping hubs and that fixed it. So i ordered another one from Keiser. It was like $50 plus shipping $65 total I think. Not too bad.

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    Thanks for sharing. Glad it has worked out.
    Any tricks (or tools) required for swapping out the flywheel hub?
    I might do the same.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Newbie2 View Post
    Thanks for sharing. Glad it has worked out.
    Any tricks (or tools) required for swapping out the flywheel hub?
    I might do the same.
    Take a video of the noise and send it to Keiser to confirm before you order. They told me that is what is was and then I swapped it to confirm before I ordered. They are helpful.

    swapping the hub is easy. Use this guide to take off the belt: Pay attention to the bolts and steps removing the shrouds so you donít crack something. It comes off easy. After you take off the belt itís just 5 - 5mm hex bolts to remove the flywheels and I think a 13mm wrench to remove the hub bolt. It just slides off. They told me to tighten it back to about 10 ft lbs when reassembling. When you put the flywheel back on make sure it gets seated/centered before you tighten them up too much. I tightened them in a star pattern loose then tight, not sure if thatís necessary but doesnít hurt.

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    Brilliant! Sound advice. Thanks for the help.
    Happy spinning!


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