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Thread: Maintenance for Used Keiser M3

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    Recently I purchased a used Keiser M3 from the gym that I work at. I know they usually do some routine maintenance on the bikes like calibration and what not but I never paid much attention to it. Now that I own the bike I am trying to figure out what I need to do and how often to keep the bike running smoothly. Any suggestions? Also I have a sticky SPD issue with one of the pedals. I keep twisting the cleat on my shoe trying to get it out of the pedal. Any fixes you can think of to help? Thanks in advance for your help!

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    I have a newer Keiser M3I and I have the similar question about how to keep the bike running smoothly.

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    Go to Keiser website and download the user manual, the bikes are easy to maintain, keep the seat post and handle bar post lubed, tighten crank arms , big ticket repair is replacing the bottom bracket ( it's called the axle by Keiser)
    ive has to do it about every 5 years on bike that are used daily in class. Pedal issue may be do to loose screws that hold the binding to the pedal.

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