I need your help. I am new to cycling and started doing tri's.
I have my indoor bike and my partners. We share a kickr snap power meter.
Each one of our bikes has its own Garmin cadence/speed sensor.
Currently we have our own accounts with trainer road.
Also, we have our own Garmin 935 watches.

What we need is a way to connect it all and show output in trainer road.
Ideally we want to bike on Trainer road on the ipad and see the power, cadence and heart rate all displayed.
Previously, I was using a North Pole Engineering CABLE ANT+ sensor to connect all of the above, but not heart rate. Something to do with it could not handle all the connections.

Anyway, that is my goal, for her to be able to do this and me.
If ANYONE has advice, I am open if need be to purchasing some piece of supplemental equipment to allow this to happen.
Thank you for your time.