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Thread: Purchasing new bikes - looking for feedback please!

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    Default Purchasing new bikes - looking for feedback please!

    Hi all,
    We are looking to purchase new bikes and I am hoping to get feedback on any of the following bikes; - the good, the bad, and the ugly :-)

    Spinner Chrono Power - Precor
    Indoor cycle CSM - Matrix
    Stages Spin Bike - Gym Source
    IC5 Group - Life Fitness

    Any feedback would be greatly appreciated!


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    We have the IC7s at our Y, the coach by color bikes. Not sure how the IC5s differ. I’m not crazy about the configuration, and I still can’t ride comfortably out of the saddle, my knees knock into the post because I like my bars lowish. I find,it hard to fit people well on this bike. Supposedly the power meter is accurate, which is nice. IMO you aren’t missing anything by forgoing the color system on the IC7s, they can be distracting.
    The Spinners I’ve ridden at conferences, they’re smooth and feel nice. Except the saddles. I could ride for hours outside, or on the old school NXTs with no discomfort. But these are really painful for me.
    I just recently met the Stages bikes. I really like them, but unsure if the saddle has the same problem as the Precor. Other than that, I absolutely love them. The console, the power meter, the training, the Sprint shift lever. The fit. If I,had a choice, I’d probably choose the Stages. But I don’t teach on them, so I’m unsure as to how well they function in a regularly scheduled class.

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    Sorry to be so tardy on a reply.....haven't been here in a while. If you are still looking, I would suggest the Keiser M3. We have them at our Y, and I think they are really great. Super smooth flywheel and pedaling. Shifting to add resistance is so much better than the bikes with knob turning.


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