Hi there,
I am new to spinning in general. I have done a few spin classes at my gym, but I have now built up a home gym and I bought 2 used spin bikes online from 2 different people. They ended up being almost exactly the same bike (I believe its called SpinPro, but I don't have an exact model number).
Anyway, when I pedal on them, especially when I am standing up, it almost seems "jerky". It seems like the wheel will go faster as I pedal, and then my next pedal needs to catch up to the wheel before I feel the resistance. It almost feels like I am stomping each time I pedal. I believe this is because it is setup like a standard bicycle where you can stop pedaling and the wheel will still continue to spin. From what I remember going to spin classes, is that the pedals move with the wheel. I almost need a "fixie" style spin bike.
Is there a way to fix or change my current bike to behave this way or am I kind of screwed?