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Thread: Wattbikes - How do you change resistance and cycling positions?????

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    I am about to start teaching an additional class at another gym and they just got new bikes. I have never used Wattbikes before and went in ahead of time to try and familiarize myself with them. I found them to be very difficult to get the resistance where I wanted/needed it to be. The two ways to set resistance were with a left side wheel over which was a grate that you could adjust to let air flow in/out to increase/decrease resistance and the other was a dial on the other side which works somehow with a magnet to greatly intensify the climb. While seated climbing was not an issue, once I tried to get out of the saddle, unless I drastically increased the resistance, my wheels sort of just spun - very unmotivating to have to then reach down again and fiddle around trying to get enough resistance to carry on with the climb out of the saddle. As for running, jumping or any other movement other than actual climbing - no way. Anyone ever used one of these bikes and if so, did you just climb in and then out of the saddle the whole class? How did you figure out the best way to increase resistance to make a smooth transition? I'm at a loss as to how to make my playlists fun when there is only climbing hills available? Help, please!! Thanks!!

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    I was teaching with Wattbikes for a while at a facility, and I LOVED them, EXCEPT for the tension adjustment. I hated that you had to reach down to change things. What I did was drills and profiles where I would set a resistance using Watt goals, then use intervals that varied speed. Each interval we could change resistance but it wasn't a quick change, maybe only after recovery before going into the next working set. I posted quite a few profiles where I taught on these bikes in the profiles if you want to look.
    I've taught on these and Cycleops bikes, both of which are freewheel set ups, which makes it super hard to do climbing out of the saddle sets unless you really load on the resistance. Even then I wouldn't have them out of the saddle for longer than 15-30 seconds. IMO you really don't need to do a lot of out of the saddle work except for butt breaks etc.
    Have these people focus on their watts and create profiles where they have watt goals in mind and then go from there. I MISS these bikes (facility closed their fitness program)- they are so hard to ride thought but I got so much stronger riding them!
    LMK or message me if you need any ideas...I still have some of my notes.


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