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Thread: Mossa Group Ride at YMCAs

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    There was a thread about the YMCA of Greater Cleveland introducing the Mossa Group Ride format back in 2016. I don't see anything on that YMCA's website regarding Mossa classes so I was wondering if they tried and dropped it or…what happened. Does anyone know?

    The YMCA I teach at has introduced Mossa Group Power classes. I don't know if there is any discussion on using some of the other Mossa formats (Group Ride; Group Blast - aka Step; Group Centergy - aka Yoga/Pilates; Group Core, Group Groove - aka Dance). For the instructors out there that teach at Ys, what is happening at your facilities/associations? Are they introducing Mossa classes and in what areas? sudie913 & Sartin, what is happening at your Y?

    I had to snicker to myself because the Group Power class is being promoted with a comment, "The best part is that the music changes every season to keep your workout fresh and your mind motivated." Mmm, change the music four times a year…
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    Many YMCAs use different names for the Mossa programs all including the word "Together". Group Power is Strength Train Together and Group Ride is Cycle Together. The programs are exactly the same, just different names. Y's don't have to use Mossa programs and many in my area continue to offer generic cycling.

    As for how often the music changes, Mossa recommends that instructors use the same music only a certain number of weeks, different for each program. Group Ride is the shortest, 3 weeks. For the following 10 weeks until the next release comes out, instructors are supposed to go back to old releases. There are over 40 of them now, so plenty of variety.

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    I teach at our YMCA in New Bern, NC and just recently heard about the MOSSA programs. Hopefully we are bringing Defend Together and Strength Together soon. They didn't mention to Cycle Together format. I'm assuming that's the same type of format where they create the rides for you. Do you have to do it exactly as they offer it? (with the same music repeated all season like you're saying?)


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