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  1. Smile Hi Everyone!


    Though I'm not new to IC, I'm new being an instructor and new to this forum. Oh, and I'd also like to mention that I thought of teaching on a whim but now I just LOVE it! (probably a lot more than my 'day job', too!). I'm very interested in improving my teaching and delivery skills, so I'd love to tap into the experiences and knowledge of other instructors. I hope to correspond with some of you real soon.


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    Hey, it's truly nice to see that so many folks are seeing my introduction. It would be even better to get some responses, though ;-). Maybe I can get the ball rolling. Well, I've only been instructing for about three months; I'm now doing it twice a week at my organization's gym. It took me WAAAY longer than I thought it would to get a decent playlist that I was satisfied with. Now that I've done that several times, I think I'm getting the hang of it (and I actually enjoy searching for music and putting lists together). I'm sure most (good) instructors are always learning as much as they can, but I'd be interested in hearing how long it took for others to develop their basic skills.


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