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Thread: Hear me father for I have sinned

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    I have a confession, I did an 80's theme ride. It was purely a crowd pleaser, I feel so cheap. I even tried/jumps. I feel so cheap! I spend time doing profiles but as it turns out they don't care, they just want music they can sing to or recognise. So in short, good profile + 'bad' music= no interest. 'Good' music+any old shit for a profile= good class

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    Guilty here! And I completely Agree! I still try to put a solid profile together so that I can have a clear conscience.

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    OMG - I laughed out loud at this one. it's so true! I dropped one class because I couldn't compete with the disco dj who came after me - I was told by one of my riders in that class that his profile was nothing special but they all come for the music! ACK!


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