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Thread: Hear me father for I have sinned

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    I have a confession, I did an 80's theme ride. It was purely a crowd pleaser, I feel so cheap. I even tried/jumps. I feel so cheap! I spend time doing profiles but as it turns out they don't care, they just want music they can sing to or recognise. So in short, good profile + 'bad' music= no interest. 'Good' music+any old shit for a profile= good class

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    Guilty here! And I completely Agree! I still try to put a solid profile together so that I can have a clear conscience.

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    OMG - I laughed out loud at this one. it's so true! I dropped one class because I couldn't compete with the disco dj who came after me - I was told by one of my riders in that class that his profile was nothing special but they all come for the music! ACK!

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    Music makes a class! I try to throw in the lesser known songs I love for a challenging climb or drills that people are more focused on their efforts or the timing than the music.

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    HA! I just trick my riders with the music they love to get them on board with the planned profile. AND believe it or not, many have started to enjoy the varied profiles that accompany the music. (Especially because don't start the music until they shut up and listen to me talk about the road map first.) I tell them, anyone can stream music from Spotify, or come to class for the actual PLAN. After a year, most of them believe me!


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