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Thread: Organizing notes and playlists

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    Default Organizing notes and playlists

    I'm curious how other instructors
    1) keep notes on their rides. Do you use an app? spreadsheet? I haven't found the best system yet for using notes for my rides
    2) How do you organize music? I use Spotify and it would be great to add notes to songs in Spotify so I know what I did to that song ex: 3x 30sec. sprints. Spotify doesn't have this capability so I need a plan B

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    I go old school, 4x6 index cards. I use Spinning symbols with the amount of time spent in each movement. I use Itunes and can arrange the music by time, so it involves a bit of looking through to find the right track, but usually I've listened to the music I have enough that it's not as challenging as it might seem. Each ride is on one card, the title of the ride is on the back. I keep them in an accordion card file in my bag. But really all I need is a stopwatch, since most of my rides are straightforward.

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    This sounds similar to me. I write out the profile with a continuous time line down the far margin and the corrodoinfing length of the interval/drill/recover in the margin. Each profile is titled. I then create playlist in iTunes with matching names. Now the trick is to remember to write the title of the profile on the actual profile. It may seem obvious but I've some mystery profiles I'm struggling to match up! I also use BPM, I don't actively tell them to beat match but it helps decide what music to choose by making half the decision for me. I'm starting to run out of names for profiles!

    As for arranging, A4 re-fill lined paper in card folders. 3 folders 40-45 min classes, 50-55 and 30 min/ tri classes

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    I too use old school note cards and use YouTube red to organize my music

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    When I first started teaching I was a hot mess and wrote down every single detail..I was a little too OCD about it. Now three years later, I just think about the profile I want and write down the song order with a brief description (Hills, sprint, tabata, seated mountain, etc). I tend to choreograph to the beat of the music so I don't feel like I have to write as much as I did in the beginning.

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    I am fairly new, so I use notes. I type out the profile and put it in a clear plastic sleeve. I have a little timer, that I clip to the top and it fits perfectly on the bike. My notes are not too detailed, just the time, position, song and intensity. I use Apple Music and create playlists that I label and date.

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    How often do you change up your Profiles? Do have a class set up and switch music only or do change both for every class type?

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    I have abot 12 profiles at the moment and rotate on a weekly basis as rule. Sometimes I just change the music to a profile,when I find some good new music the I'll write a new profile or mix and match a few old ones

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    I have a small spreadsheet on my phone that I have started typing songs into and then writing a little bit next to it about what to do for the song. Then pair that with a Spotify playlist that I have made myself.


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