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Thread: Pedalling For Parkinson's

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    Default Pedalling For Parkinson's

    Rehashing an oldish topic as April is PD Awareness Month (and round about now is when I'd be planning my higher cadence classes)

    For anyone unfamiliar, here's a link to an article with an interesting background... ......and I believe John actually did an interview with the first author a while back.

    I tested the waters with various gym managements over the past few years with little interest so I stopped bothering. I've since come across a few articles on just one small programme in Davis CA.......totally grass-roots but looks exciting. I'm really kicking myself because looking at the dates, this is when the daughter was in Davis doing her residence and lived close to this club (which was a bit too pricey for her budget) I'm usually pretty good about problem solving......but I was behind the curve with this one. Elegant in its simplicity.

    Anyone know of something similar. I have the beginnings of an idea for when this Colorado altitude has stopped kicking my butt!!


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    Denver Ys have a Pedaling for Parkinson's program City of Golden's recreation center has a large senior population and they may be open to offering a Parkinson's cycling program. You could also sign up to be a SilverSneakers FLEX instructor, find a venue to teach at, and SilverSneakers will market your classes and give you tools to market your classes

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    I would love to hear people's experiences with these programs!

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    I read up on this earlier... is this something instructors have easily gotten into?


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