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    Just done my usual 7.30pm slot at a gym, also had an additional class at 5.30. Now before I say what happened I'll explain that I've had issues at this gym before. I received an email saying I was dropped from alternating the 6.30 slit because "I don't mix it up enough" and because the instructor who I was alternating with "they miss her so much". Now found this a little unprofessional on the basis that I wasn't given the chance to adapt my classes The told this is the feedback, you're off the class. Also the use of the term "they miss her so much" is not the language a manager should be using to other staff etc. Now, said instructor was taking the I between class as usual, there's a 10 minute window, with 2/3 minutes left of my session she walks on and starts talking to participants asking why they weren't doing her class, and starts putting her stuff down. Now, when I can back an hour later for the next class she says "it's ok I wiped up your sweat" and says to a participant "see, told you I'd tell him off". Now, I agree I should have cleaned down properly, but, she interrupted my session while I'm still warming down. I hadn't run over, I only had 49 minutes of minutes of music on my playlist. Even if I had run over, I should be allowed to finish!

    Rant over

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    Wow - When she barged in on your class did you point out that the class wasn't over? Can you speak to her and let her know how horrible she is? Can you say anything to management? Though it doesn't sound like they're very supportive. Ugh - sometimes this industry is very strange.

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    That sucks - sorry it happened to you. Nothing like walking out of the gym after teaching double duty with a bad taste in your mouth.

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    Apologies that wa just a rant really, but thank you for the replies. I'm going to
    use them as a steppImg stone, learn the trade etc. But on the look out for other gyms. My tri club trainer is helpful g ft my foot in the door at some other places. So, as much as I enjoy the one graveyard shift a week hopefully it's only temporary

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    The first part I dont see the problem. If the clients preferred or missed the other instructor then thats the business. The gum or studio is going to go with what the clients like. Thats the nature of this industry. I also dont see why you think it was wrong or unprofessional for your manager to say "they miss her so much". If anything I think that your manager was saying it that way not to hurt your feelings and say they dont like your class, style or something like that. Saying they miss her so much sounds like that was the managers way for you to understand why they are giving her the class fully!

    The other parts about interrupting your class I agree with you but when you came back sounds like the instructor was joking with you and her class about you not wiping down your bike which you acknowledge you didn't!

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    I Have never seen an instructor walk in while another was still teaching (I havent done it, I havent had it done to me, and I havent seen it) - I would be so annoyed!

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    I am the 2nd instructor on a few back to back classes. We (myself and participants for my classes) wait until the other class is done with cool down and are wiping down bikes before we enter the studio, even if they run late we wait and I either cut a song or I run late since nobody follows me.

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