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    I am newly certified instructor and am teaching two classes each week. Does anyone have any recommendations on spin shoes? I have been debating and need some help. They just seem so uncomfortable. And do they really change your ride?? Thanks!!

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    A good cycling shoe, with the correct cleat, will make a significant difference in how your feet (and your legs) feel. The shoe will provide the stiff sole to prevent the flexion of foot and stress on the arch as you press through the ankle/heel and transfer the power to the ball of your foot. Having the cleat will allow you to engage other muscles, but more importantly, once properly positioned, will hold your foot in the same position, protecting your knees and hips from strain.

    Essentially, any mountain or commuter bike shoe will work well, as long as it accepts the correct cleat (likely a SPD cleat). The cleat will be 'hidden' into the tread, allowing you to walk safely on pretty much any type of flooring. Less risk of sliding and less risk of damaging the floor with the cleat.

    There are a lot of models available. Spend some time at a couple of local bike shops (LBS) and try different brands and styles. I personally like Sidi. They fit narrow, which works for me because I do have a narrow foot. I have Sidi road shoes and use a pair of Sidi mountain bike shoes for commuting and teaching classes. Sidi is expensive (compared to other shoes available) but I spend a lot of time in them so they are worth it - far more comfortable and lasting longer than my last pair of low-priced shoes.
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    Thanks for the information. I started teaching as a hobby and have grown to love it but I am not an avid outside rider so this is foreign to me. I have noticed that I do feel some strain in my knee occasionally but my positioning on the bike is correct. Like you I also have narrow feet so having a shoe that fits snug and has a stiff sole may help solve some of my problem. I really appreciate the advice. Wish me luck!

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    I too had some knee pain and I had thought my bike was set up properly. Had the setup checked by another more experienced instructor and found that I wasn't quite set up properly. Made the adjustment and knee pain gone. Advice, have someone else double check the set up.

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    My first pair of cycling shoe were the shimano with the spd cleats and I was very satisfied with them. There is a new up and coming brand TIEM that has come out with a lighter, hybrid cycling shoe, that they say is also for low impact use, basically like walking around the gym or studio with more ease, or to your car. I’ve been using these and find I enjoy the lighter top and think it has improved my pedal stroke, making it more circular. They are also very trendy looking.


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