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    Not sure which section to ask this in but here it goes! My wife is a pharmacist who is on her feet all day long. She has recently gotten very into fitness and usually runs on the treadmill for her cardio. Because of being on her feet all day and her feet needing some help she has ended up with fractures. The Dr. advised her to try a spin bike for her cardio which is great because we were looking for one already to kinda mix thing up for her. We did a lot of reading and kinda found the things we want in a bike ( we think anyways) and narrowed it down to one bike so far but we aren't sure what else is out there that is a good bike. So here is some info on my wife and the bike options we believe we would like to have.

    Wife - 5'4" tall with longer legs for her height. No idea on weight so I will just say 130lbs (If you read this honey my bad if I guessed wrong!)

    Bike - $500 limit

    Fully adjsutable handlebars (some seem to just go up and down but we want Fore/Aft adjustment also
    Fully adjustable seats (same thing.. up and down and fore/aft adjustment)
    Heavy flywheel (we read most sites say 40lbs or heavier is good yet we see very highend bikes with 8lb flywheels?)
    Belt drive ( We want the bike to be quiet and it seems belt drive is the best option for that)
    LCD Dispaly (seems most bikes under 500$ have a fairly cheap LCD display but would really prefer something to track progress like distance etc)
    Seat (seems most do not come with a comfortable seat but being able to change the seat should be a must)

    The only bike I have found so far that fits this is the Bladez Fitness Echelon GS Indoor Cycle ($399). We are open to any other options out there and please give me your opinion on our option list or anything else we should look for. We are trying to stay around 500$ max but if there is something just outside of that which is a lot better than we may consider it. Thank you again in advance.. the amount of information out there is overwhelming but sometimes it's easier to hit a forum and talk to the actual ppl who use these bikes and enjoy these activities.

    This is the bike we are looking at so far... again.. we are still open to other options..

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    Have you reviewed the Spinning(TM) bikes on their website. I think there's a promotion going on right now.
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    I know this might exceed your limit, but why don't you check Craig's List to see if you can find a Spinner NXT in great condition. I love them best for the fit and feel. Maybe because I also teach on bikes that have displays that are often broken or inaccurate, I would not view it as such a priority. Since your wife has these foot issues, she might want to think about clipping in to a bike, taking some pressure off the feet-so you might want clip in pedals to be an option down the line. Good luck!


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