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    I'm curious how other instructors set themselves up so they can view a profile (notecards or ??) plus stop watch (how do you gauge time?) plus music (knowing your songs and time left?) plus towel plus water bottle?? Plus sweat and fans blowing...

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    What kind of bike are you using? I find on the Spinning bikes I can spread a towel across the handle bars and tuck my profile kind of halfway under - the water bottle goes in the holder (or on the stereo if it's close enough) and I use an IPod touch as a timer and that rests on the towel. My profiles are mostly on regular letter size paper, sometimes in plastic and printed in a font easy enough for me to see in the dark.

    I also teach on Keisers and those are a little trickier - I sort of balance the timer on the one flat space on the handlebars, towels get draped over the bars and in that studio I have room on a little table next to me for the water. There is a place for the bottle in the fork but invariably they all fall off.

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    In most places I have taught, I keep the stereo close by. I put the playlist, phone (for music) and my water on the stereo and use the timer on the keiser bikes for time. Before we had the timers on the bikes, I used to use a stop watch that I hooked around the handlebars.

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    I teach with an iPod, connected to the stereo system that is on the other side of the room via a Bluetooth receiver (receiver plugged into the stereo, iPod uses bluetooth to connect to the receiver). I can control music selection and volume from the iPod
    • iPod is mounted on the handlebars using a cycle mount (specifically, on the end of the towel hanger that Keiser has thoughtfully put on all their M3 bikes)
    • I use myFitnessDJ Pro to play my music. It shows time remaining in the track, and displays all my cues that I have set up in it. The cues are per playlist, so the same song in different playlists can have different cueing. It also shows me what is 'up' next, either the song (if it is a song change) or the drill/movement (if it is same song but different position)
    • I also keep a laminated cue sheet on the floor at the base of the bike which I can reference for additional cues or for the bigger picture (bad instructor - I don't memorize my playlists & drills)
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    On the traditional Spinners. Ipod plugged into the stereo. My phone, which has the playlist synced as a backup, and can serve as a timer is on one water bottle holder-I fold a 4x6 index card so it doesn't fall through the cracks. My plan is written on an index card placed on the other holder. If the room is dark, I clip a book light to see it. Towel folded on the back of the bike. Water bottle is an issue- get too busy to drink during class, no matter where that is.

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    I do the same. Towel across the handlebars, class profile in the middle. I use my phone (iPhone) and Spotify for music. Clock is on the wall to my left so I use that for time rather than juggling stopwatch. My setup works pretty well except that we don't have the best mic and I haven't yet mastered the art of stopping he feedback from the speaking. Nothing is worse than that loud screech mid-class.


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