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Thread: Live Indoor Cycling Instructor Certifications

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    Default Live Indoor Cycling Instructor Certifications

    Ready to get certified as an Indoor Cycling Instructor?
    Cycling Fusion is offering their Level 1 and Level 2 Instructor Certifications at a number of locations this summer. Links go to the information & registration pages.
    6/17/16 @ Tampa YMCA in Tampa FL – Level 2
    6/18/16 @ Tyndal AFB in Panama City FL – Level 1
    8/14/16 @ Club De Cycle in Baltimore MD – Level 2
    09/24/16 University of Pittsburgh, PA Level 1
    09/24/16 Mountainside Fitness, AZ Level 1
    Cycling Fusion is frequently adding new locations – you can check here to find a training near you -OR – you can learn how to host a training at your location using this link.

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    Is there info on 2018 classes/certifications that is near Louisiana that you know of.


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